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Big raindrops landed on the car.

Su Qian, who had just been knocked down by Su Qing, was already unconscious.

Before falling into darkness, Su Qian didnt expect Su Qing to suddenly attack him.

Su Qing narrowed her eyes and looked dangerously at the killers who had rushed over.

Thinking of her Fifth Brother, who was in the car, she could only apologize to him first.

With his combat strength, it was better not to participate in such a dangerous situation.

She was afraid that Su Qian would be injured, so she could only knock him out.

Su Qing stretched her slender and beautiful neck.

Facing the man who had already rushed in front of her, she threw a fierce punch at his nose.

The other party cried out in pain and fell to the ground.

Without a doubt, with Su Qings strength, his nose bridge was already broken, and he would probably have a severe concussion!

Su Qings reaction speed and body coordination were excellent.

She nimbly dodged the attacks from all sides, raised her leg, and kicked another in the waist at an extremely tricky angle.

That was where many important organs of the human body were located, and there were no bones or muscles to protect them.

Su Qing had learned that it was a perfect spot for close combat.

With just this kick, Su Qing could make a strong assassin unable to get up again.

One after another, his companions fell to the ground.

The leader of the assassins began to realize that the situation was bad.

This woman was really capable!

Su Qing glanced at the people lying on the ground and sneered.

“Is that all youve got Youre still thinking of thriving in the underworld Arent you too naive Why dont all of you attack me together Im in a hurry.”

The dozen or so assassins standing in the rain had fierce looks in their eyes.

They didnt take this little girl seriously previously, but from the looks of it, they really didnt have to be polite to her anymore!

The leader was a muscular man, and he looked at the people behind him and said coldly, “Get your weapons! We cant let her leave this place alive today.”

The killers retrieved their weapons and charged at Su Qing without saying anything.

A cold smile appeared on Su Qings lips.

Her rain-soaked hair was casually lifted by her, and her eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty glint.

It was still anyones guess who would be able to leave this place alive today!

The assassins pressed forward in the rain.

Su Qing was ruthless.

After knocking down an assassin holding an iron rod, she took the rod, making it hers.

The killers had never known that a rod could become a killing weapon that could sweep across the entire battlefield.

The rod that Su Qing waved made them unable to retaliate!

In the eyes of the retreating assassins, Su Qing was like a cold-blooded and ruthless killer.

She was like a god of death who had crawled out of hell, and everywhere she went, blood would flow!

When the leader saw this scene, he knew that he couldnt stay on any longer.

They had already been stuck on this road for too long.

The cars that drove past had already noticed them!

He adjusted the mask that was soaked and stuck to his face, then took out a pistol from his back.

The moment he raised his arm, Su Qing had already seen him from the corner of her eye.

The moment the gunshot sounded, Su Qing pushed the person in front of her away and quickly dodged to the side.

It was two gunshots.

The bullet from the previous shot pierced through the chest of the person who was pushed out by Su Qing.

In the next second, the leader, who had been shooting coldly, had already fallen to the ground in surprise.

When Su Qing turned her head to take a look, she saw someone she didnt expect to see!

Huo Qi!

He was like the male lead in a television drama who had descended from the sky.

His body was leaning out of the car window, and his expensive black shirt was drenched by the rain, revealing his muscular chest!

The moment Huo Feng stopped the car, he held his pistol and positioned himself with his gun too!

Huo Qi pushed the car door open and got out.

He looked at Su Qing deeply through the rain.

When he fired that shot just now, the car was still moving.

That shot was almost perfect, but his aim was a little off! Su Qing looked at Huo Qi and thought of this, but she couldnt deny that it didnt affect the mans handsomeness and sexiness!

It was insanely sexy.

Su Qing shook her head, feeling that she must have been blinded by the rain.

Was this the time to think about this

When Huo Feng and his men quickly controlled the situation, Huo Qi had already put away his gun and walked quickly to Su Qing; raindrops were sliding down his cold and handsome face.


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