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Sang Ning protected Su Qing, who wanted to leave the track, but Su Rui had already strode over.

He threw his helmet to the person beside him and stopped Su Qing, “Wait, lets chat later Do you have interest in joining…”

Before he could finish speaking, Su Qing turned to look at him and said indifferently, “No.”

The words that were stuck in Su Ruis throat made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Looking at the woman who walked out directly, he turned around to look at his team manager and said, “Whats with that disdainful gaze from that woman”


He pointed at Su Qings departing figure and said, “I want to know everything about her.”

The manager nodded, indicating that he understood.

Judging from Su Ruis expression, he probably wasnt angry.

He just wanted to regain his pride!

Su Qing wasnt going to participate in the other races that night, so she left the venue after her race.

Sang Ning looked at her with awe in his eyes, and even repeated excitedly,

“Sis, youre really amazing.

You actually won against Su Rui! Even though I was confident you would win the race, I didnt expect you to win so beautifully.” He took the tablet and pointed it at Su Qing.

“This is the analysis of the race.

Su Ruis results tonight were his best during this period, but he still lost to you!”

Su Qing looked at him and said, “Stop nagging.

Youve already repeated these words many times.”

As they spoke, the two of them got into the car and didnt notice Huo Qi, who was in another car.

He had been dragged over by his friend to watch the competition, and he didnt expect that he would meet Su Qing here.

Su Qing sensed that someone was looking at her, so she turned to take a look.

However, the lights in the underground carpark were a little dim, so she frowned in Huo Qis direction, then turned away without paying much attention.


Huo Qi was speechless.

His eyes narrowed dangerously.

Could this woman have already forgotten about him Or did she not care about him at all


Sang Ning kept his tablet and exclaimed, “Im so happy! Sis Qing, why did you run off so quickly Su Rui even came over to talk to you…”

“Keep my participation in the race today a secret.

Dont tell anyone else.” Su Qing shot a look at Sang Ning as she continued, “Especially the people from Yinshan.

Do you understand”

“Why” asked Sang Ning.

Seeing his puzzled expression, Su Qing leaned back in her car seat, “Ill tell you when I have the chance in future.”


Sang Ning nodded slowly.

Looking at Su Qings tired face, he said to the driver, “You may go now.”

When Huo Feng saw that Huo Qis gaze was still fixated on that car, he asked, “Should we stop it”

“Help me find out who the woman who just got into the car with that kid from the Sang family is!” Huo Qi added, “This is getting interesting.”


Hou Feng replied respectfully, “Yes, Young Master.” However, looking at Huo Qis expression, he had a bad feeling.

Su Qing asked Sang Ning to send her till they were a short distance away from the Su residence before getting out of the car.

After all, Sang Nings car was still too eye-catching, so she didnt want him to drop her off directly in front of the house.

It was already past one in the morning, but the lights in the Su familys living room were still on.

When Su Qing stepped into the house, she saw Su Zheng and Su Yan sitting on the sofa together, while Kong Yue sat alone at the side, looking a little nervous.

There was a frown on Su Zhengs face as he asked, “Where did you go Why are you back so late”

“I didnt expect Sister to have friends to bring her out even though shes just arrived today! I hope you dont learn any bad traits from the women outside and act shamelessly!”


Kong Yue walked over and glared at Su Yan.

“What nonsense are you spouting!” Then, she said gently to Su Qing, “Where did you go Its so late already, what if theres any danger You didnt even answer my calls!”

Su Qing looked at Kong Yue and said slowly, “There was something I needed to deal with.

Im fine.

Ill go up and rest now.”

When Su Zheng saw her distant expression, he stood up abruptly.

“Youve only just arrived.

If theres anything urgent, why did you have to deal with it so late at night Your mother, your sister, and I have been waiting for you for so long.

Dont you even have a single word of apology for us”

He didnt like Su Qings attitude.

She was too distant from others.

They were family, so how could she act so arrogantly towards them


Seeing that the father and daughter were about to fight, Kong Yue hurriedly added, “Its fine, didnt she just go out for a while All that matters is that shes back safely.”

She looked at Su Qing and said disapprovingly, “Your father is right.

Remember to inform Mommy before you go out in the future, alright Dont make us worry.”

Su Qing looked at her gentle expression for a long time before nodding slowly.

“I understand.

You should go and rest too.”


Su Zheng didnt want to appear so fierce and overbearing on the first day of Su Qings return.

However, after thinking about what Su Yan said, he felt that it was necessary to investigate Su Qings past relationships and life.



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