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Indeed, Su Qing wasnt the kind of person who would suffer in secret.

It wasnt easy for others to take advantage of her!

“Its best if you can handle it yourself.

If you really suffer any grievances, remember to tell us! Well support you!” Yuan Yi said.

Every time he called, he would say these words to Su Qing, and he never found it annoying.

Su Qing smiled helplessly and nodded.

“Alright, alright, I understand! No one in this family can make me suffer.

Mommy and my brothers are all quite good.”

Su Qing chatted with Yuan Yi for a while more before hanging up.

She thought that her masters birthday was coming soon, so she had to go back to the Yuan residence to visit them.

The night breeze was very cool, and Su Qing only returned to her room after a while.

She didnt notice that the curtains in Su Yans room on the first floor were slightly pulled open.

Su Yans hand trembled as she held the thick curtains.

Indeed! Su Qing had set her up! This b*tch sounded so smug just now.

Did she really think that she didnt have any means to retaliate She had underestimated her!

An evil glint flashed across Su Yans eyes.

She wanted Su Qing to die!

As long as Su Qing died, she would be able to completely divert Su Zhengs attention so that he and Kong Yue wouldnt only stare at her.

She would be able to be Miss Su!


The corners of her lips curled up into an evil smile.

Evil thoughts grew from the bottom of her heart, from her anger and hatred.

In the end, it burned away what little rationality and conscience she had left.

Su Yan picked up her phone from the bed.

She should be glad that Butler Zhang didnt take her phone away.

She made a call that she hadnt made in a long time.

After speaking softly to the other party, she gritted her teeth and agreed to the other partys request before hanging up in satisfaction.

“Go to hell, Su Qing! No matter how good you are, can you avoid natural disasters” Su Yan muttered with a strange smile on her lips.

It was as though she could already see Su Qings corpse tomorrow morning.

Su Yan was forced to cooperate with that person.

She thought crazily that her father probably wouldnt blame her for wanting Su Qing dead!

The next morning, Su Qing still woke up early to jog.

She even met her third and fourth brothers on the way.

Looking at their almost identical handsome faces, Su Qings mood became better.

Who would reject the benefit of seeing two handsome men

As twins, even their running posture was the same.

Su Qing ran slowly behind them.

Su Shui was the first to notice Su Qing.

When he turned around and saw her, a smile appeared in his eyes.

He nudged Su Lu with his elbow and said, “Shes here too.”

Su Lu turned around to look at her and slowly stopped.

“Why are you so late today Second Brother has already run back!”

Because Su Qing had always run with Su Rui, Su Lu asked this question.

Su Qing ran past them.

“I slept late last night.”

“You even sleep in” Su Lu said.

Su Qing turned to look at him and chuckled.

“Its not that late now, right Fifth Brother isnt up yet”

When Su Lu heard this, he shook his head and chuckled.

“Thats true.

Then hurry up and go back! Dont be late for class!”

Su Qing nodded.

She did have class this morning.

If she didnt go to class now, Teacher Zhou would probably eat her alive.

After Su Qian had breakfast, he took the initiative to ask Su Qing to go back to school with him.

They all tacitly ignored one person.

Su Yan didnt sleep the entire night.

As long as she thought about what would happen later, her mind would be filled with excitement.

Su Qing would definitely die today.

Su Qian brought Su Qing to the passenger seat and coaxed, “Sit in the front.

I have something to tell you!”

Su Qing looked at him speechlessly.

She was also very helpless about Fifth Brothers insistence on making her sit in the passenger seat.

“I want to sit in the back to look at my phone!” Su Qing protested.

Su Qian smiled, his handsome face glowing.

“You can even look at your phone when youre sitting in the front! Why do you always want to sit in the back Im not your driver!”

Su Qing got into the car helplessly and obediently buckled her seatbelt.

For some reason, Kong Yue had been panicking when she woke up this morning.

She clutched her chest and glanced in the direction that Su Qing and Su Qian had left before turning around and returning to the living room.


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