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Hearing this, Kong Yue roughly understood what was going on.

She frowned at Su Yan and sighed, then said unhappily, “I really dont like you! Why are you so scheming at such a young age Who are you hinting at We havent even clarified the matter between you and Qingqing, and now youve caused such trouble for our family! Who would like someone like you whos always talking nonsense Your father cares about you and protects you, but youre crying and throwing a tantrum in front of him.

Where did you learn to act like this” Kong Yues voice became stern.

She really couldnt stand Su Yans behavior.


Su Zheng wanted to interrupt, but Kong Yue raised her hand to stop him.

She wanted to teach Su Yan a lesson today.

“You keep saying that youre innocent.

How can the school punish you without confirming the truth They must have confirmed that its not a rumor, thats why theyre disciplining you! Dont you know very well whether you did it or not Youre still arguing and trying to push the blame away! Is this what your father and I taught you If you really wanted to apologize, your father and I wouldnt have been so angry!”

Kong Yue said a lot of things sternly, but they were all reasonable.

Su Yan tried to refute, but she realized that she had no way out!

Su Zheng glanced at Kong Yue.

It had been a long time since he had seen Kong Yue so angry.

He gave her a comforting look and turned to Su Yan.

“Your mother is right! Youre really disappointing us!”

Su Yan lowered her head and gritted her teeth in regret.

“Yes! Daddy and Mommy taught me well.

I was wrong.”

Su Zheng looked at her tiredly and pinched the corner of his eyebrows.

“Go back to your room now.

Without my permission, youre not allowed to step out of the room!”

“Daddy! Ill…”

Su Zheng interrupted Su Yan.

“Shut up and get out now.

I dont want to see you!”

Su Yan bit her lower lip in grievance and could only shrink back into her room.

Her fathers attitude was unclear, and she didnt know if he would go to school tomorrow! Or perhaps, he would lock her at home and prevent her from embarrassing herself at school!

Su Yan didnt understand Su Zhengs current attitude, and neither did Kong Yue.

She looked at Su Zheng and asked, “What do you plan to do The academy has already announced that this matter has to be resolved!”

Su Zheng rubbed his eyebrows and said tiredly, “Theres no hurry.

Lets figure out the matter first.

Oh right! Lets call Su Qian over and ask him first.”

Kong Yue nodded.

Su Zhengs change was already very obvious.

At the very least, he didnt want to condone Su Yans mistakes again.

Kong Yue stood up and left.

She went outside to call Su Qian into the study.

Su Yan, who had just returned to her room, realized that the door had been locked from the outside by Butler Zhang.

She sat back on the bed in a daze, her heart in a mess!

No, she couldnt just sit back and wait for death.

She had to think of another way, Su Yan thought as she paced around the room.

As the night progressed, Su Qing received a call from her second master, Yuan Yi.

It turned out that he missed this little girl a little.

They hadnt seen each other since Su Qing returned home.

A few days ago, he couldnt even get through to her on the phone.

After asking, he realized that the little girl had gone overseas to participate in the competition.

He knew that Su Qing was an opinionated girl, so he didnt interfere too much with her choice.

However, he was still a little worried!

“How was the competition” Yuan Yi asked.

Su Qing smiled.

“It was quite fun.

I even won the championship with my Fourth Brother!”

Yuan Yi laughed loudly.

“Really Thats great.

Hurry up and take a photo so that I can show it to your masters.”

“Alright, its not a big deal! Theres no need to show off to the Eldest Master and Third Master.” Su Qing looked at the lights in the distance and said softly.

Didnt she know her second master well enough After taking the photos, he would spread them around the world!

“Youre really something!” Yuan Yi muttered helplessly.

Then, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “I heard from Mu Zi that you were schemed against by the Su familys adopted daughter.

Do you need Masters help I can help you take revenge!”

Su Qing smiled faintly and explained to Yuan Yi, “Theres no need, Master.

Ive already resolved it.

Im just giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Shes already suffered the consequences.

Dont worry, I didnt suffer!”

When Yuan Yi heard this, he understood what Su Qing meant.


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