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It had to be known that when the five brothers of the Su family were in school in the past, their monthly allowance was also fixed.

If they used too much, they would have to think of ways to make up for it.

Su Zheng felt that he had already doted on Su Yan enough, but now, Su Yan was actually lying to him.

He was a little angry!


He looked at Su Yan coldly.

The aura around him made Su Yan tremble uncontrollably.

Su Yan felt that Su Zheng already knew that she was lying.

She was so nervous that her back was drenched.

When she heard Su Zhengs cold sarcasm, Su Yan subconsciously knelt on the ground.

“Really Are you really the good daughter of the Su family” Su Zheng said coldly.

Su Yan knelt on the ground and cried, “Daddy, I was really wronged! You know me.

Why would I do such a thing I listen to you the most! Please forgive me…”

Su Yans cries were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Su Zheng and her turned to look at the door at the same time.

After Kong Yue knocked casually, she slowly pushed the door open and walked in as she usually did.

She thought that Su Zheng had been in the study for some time now, and the fruits he bought today were very fresh, so she came over to give him a plate.

When Kong Yue pushed the door open and entered, she saw Su Yan kneeling on the ground with tears on her face.

She asked in surprise, “Whats wrong Why are you kneeling on the ground”

Su Yan choked.

The feeling of her emotions, which had just been brewing, being cut off in the middle was really uncomfortable!

Kong Yue looked at Su Yans sorry state and shook her head in disagreement.

After placing the fruit plate on the table, she said to Su Yan, “Cant we talk things out Why do you always have to kneel down and cry Who taught you this Did I teach you this”

Su Zheng glanced at Kong Yue and sighed slightly.

Then, he said sternly, “Coincidentally, your mother is here.

Tell me the truth about this matter.

Listen carefully.

If I find out that you lied to us again, Ill chase you out of the Su family! Do you understand”

Kong Yue looked at Su Yan in confusion and didnt say anything.

She silently chose to sit down.

She wanted to see what was going on!

When Su Yan heard Su Zhengs words, she felt as though she had been struck by lightning.

She was stunned on the spot.

This warning was like a nightmare, and it was the outcome that Su Yan couldnt accept the most.

She was the daughter of the Su family.

How could she leave the Su family No! Absolutely not.

As Su Yan thought about this, her expression became flustered.

She turned to look at Kong Yue, her mind racing.

It was obvious that Kong Yue was on Su Qings side.

She couldnt expect her to speak up for her, so what should she do What should she do to survive this crisis

Su Zheng looked at Su Yans flustered expression and said impatiently, “Are you going to tell me or not If you dont, Ill call your counselor and ask her.

By then, it wont be that simple!”

“Daddy!” Su Yans eyes were red from crying.

She looked at Su Zheng and said hoarsely, “I know I was wrong.

Please forgive me this time! I wont do it again!”

Kong Yue frowned at Su Yan.

She was just apologizing and begging for mercy, but she didnt say anything about what had happened.

“Child, if you have something to say, just say it! Why are you crying If others didnt know better, they would have thought that we had done something to you!” As Kong Yue spoke, she turned around to look at Su Zheng and suggested, “Hasnt Su Qian been in school for the past two days Why dont you call him over and ask him”

Su Zheng was furious when he saw Su Yans expression.

He nodded when he heard this.

Su Yan suddenly looked up and rejected, “Theres no need to trouble Fifth Brother! Ill say it myself.”

She looked at Su Zheng and said, “Some people set me up! It just so happened that there was a large-scale reorganization of the schools rules recently.

At this moment, a scandal about me was posted on the schools intranet.

Its obvious that someone is plotting against me! Believe me, go and investigate this matter.

Help me explain to the teacher that Im innocent!”

Su Yans face was covered in tears as she looked pitifully at Su Zheng and Kong Yue.

“Mommy! I know that because of some misunderstandings between Su Qing and I, and you dont like me very much now, but Ive really been wronged this time.

You cant just let public opinion ferment and get out of hand! The Su familys reputation cant be ruined!”


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