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Actually, Su Qian only glanced at Su Yan indifferently before retracting his gaze.

He turned to Su Shui and continued, “Fourth Brother, you dont know how Qingqing looked when she sang that day.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Oh my god, shes practically on par with the Heavenly Queen, Shu Qing! I think if Sister became a singer, she would definitely be famous too!”

Su Shui nodded calmly.

Actually, he had already seen the video sent by Su Lu that day.

Although Su Lu was cold, he still cared and doted on his twin brother.

When Su Shui wasnt at home, he would regularly update him about the family.


“Alright, alright.

Youve already said many times that our sister is very powerful.

Take a break!” Su Xing said with a faint smile and handed Su Qing a piece of fruit.

Su Qing took the fruit and smiled.

“Thank you, Eldest Brother.

Actually, I brought you a gift.”

Su Rui was delighted when he heard this.

“What gift I thought you only remembered to get the trophy when you went to Country M,” he said reproachfully.

This little girl didnt even call him along when she went to Country M.

“Ive prepared a gift for Mommy, so I naturally wont forget about you!” Su Qing said as she put down the cutlery in her hand and quickly walked back to her room to take down all the gifts she had brought.

Su Yan stood afar and listened to their conversation.

She frowned in confusion. When did Su Qing go to America again What trophy did she win Did something happen again that she didnt know about

Su Qing distributed the keychains she had bought to her brothers.

When she handed them to Su Qian, she even winked at him.

“Thank you, Fifth Brother.

Ill treat you to a meal another day.”

Su Qian smiled and gave her a handsome wink.

“Its nothing.

Youre welcome.”

When Su Qing handed the keychain to Su Shui, he was a little surprised.

“Do I have one too”

Su Qing smiled lightly.

“Everyone is treated equally.”

When Su Zheng came out of the study, he saw the harmonious distribution of the gifts.

After seeing the things in Su Qings hand, he coughed lightly.

“What are you guys doing Why are you all gathered around Hurry up and prepare to eat!”

The harmonious scene just now seemed to have been paused, and no one answered Su Zheng.

Su Lu pinched the doll keychain in his hand and patted Su Shuis hand away with a smile.

Like his brothers, he remained silent.

The atmosphere was a little awkward.

Only Su Yan walked up and said, “Im coming, Daddy.”

Su Zheng glanced at them, before nodding at Su Yan.

Kong Yue walked out of the kitchen and called for everyone to eat.

Only then did they slowly sit down around the dining table.

Her brothers were a little dissatisfied with Su Zhengs performance that day.

This was a silent show of support for Su Qing.

Su Qing understood everyones reaction.

She was amused, but her heart was warm.

Her brothers were really good to her!

She walked over and handed a large gift box to Kong Yue.

“When I saw it, I felt that it suited Mommy very well.

Do you like it”

Kong Yue looked at her in surprise and smiled.

“Do I have a gift too”

Su Rui looked at the big box and said sourly, “Not only do you have it, but its also the grandest one! We only have one keychain, but yours is an expensive gift!”

As he spoke, he shook the doll keychain in his hand, but his eyes were on the beautiful brooch that Su Qing had given Kong Yue.

It was silver in color, and the style was simple and unique.

It looked especially beautiful!

Kong Yue liked it very much, so she immediately put it on and admired it carefully.

When Su Zheng saw this, he felt a little suffocated.

It turned out that everyone in the family had gifts, except for him! This wretched girl was really vengeful! As Su Zheng thought about this, his expression darkened.

When Kong Yue sat back down, she immediately understood her husbands awkward expression, but she only smiled faintly and didnt say anything.

Actually, Su Zheng was wrong.

He wasnt the only one without a gift.

There was also Su Yan, who had been sitting at the side without saying anything.

She was like an outsider, isolated from the world by them.

A dark glint appeared in Su Yans eyes.

Was Su Qing trying to please her brothers She was really shameless! Wasnt it just a small doll keychain Did she think that she could win their hearts so easily

It was because Su Yan was a vain and hypocritical person who fawned over the rich and powerful, that she felt that Su Qing was also someone like her, who would think about pleasing everyone in the family!


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