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When Su Yan heard her roommates mockery, she was about to explode in anger.

She pushed the door open abruptly.

“Do you think you know everything just because you heard a few rumors Didnt you just pick up something that others made up and spout nonsense here Do you really think youre superior Which one of you is really that innocent!”

The sound of the door frame smashing against the wall was very loud, and the few people sitting in the living room were shocked.

Everyone looked at Su Yan unhappily, stunned by her long string of mockery and curses.

Was Su Yan crazy She would bite anyone she saw!

Her roommates immediately stood up and started scolding Su Yan.

Wang Yu stood in the middle, not knowing what to do.

She couldnt persuade them, and she was already starting to panic.

In the end, this argument even reached the counselor.

The counselor reprimanded them coldly and even asked them to submit a thousand word essay of self-reflection tomorrow.

Although the girls were a little indignant, they still obeyed the teachers punishment.

However, when they left the office, they wished they could skin Su Yan alive.

After everyone left, the counselor turned to look at Su Yan, who had been left alone.

She was feeling a little frustrated.

Su Yan had only started school a few days ago, but she had already caused her so much trouble.

It was really a headache for her.

The school leaders had already spoken to her once!

She looked at Su Yan, who had her head lowered, and said calmly, “This matter is getting out of hand.

I want to have a good chat with your parents tomorrow.”

When Su Yan heard this, she looked up in surprise.

How could there be university students whose parents had been invited for a “chat” This was too embarrassing.

She would never agree to it.

Su Yan looked at the counselor and said angrily, “Teacher, dont you think that theres something wrong with the way you handled it It was the few of them who ganged up to bully me, thats why I rebutted them.

Why should I be called to school when theyre just doing a written examination This is too unfair!”

The counselors face turned cold.

“Do you think its just because of this problem alone Dont make me say those unpleasant words.

Bring your parents over tomorrow, or you can stay at home and reflect!”

Su Yan was stunned.

She said in surprise, “What You actually want me to take a break from school because of this On what basis Im the victim.

Instead of investigating the person who spread rumors about me, you want to punish me first”

The counselor didnt care about Su Yans accusations, and the atmosphere instantly turned cold.

She looked at Su Yan and frowned unhappily.

“You know best whether those rumors are true.

You dont have to shout at me.

Im just obeying my superiors instructions.

If you have anything to say, go and find the Dean yourself!”

She pointed at the door.

“Remember to bring the parents over tomorrow! You can leave now.”

Su Yan glared at her and left the office, her heart in a mess.

Why did this matter end up like this

Didnt Su Qing also headline the intranet forum for a period of time not long ago Why didnt the school leaders find trouble with Su Qing, but when it came to her, they invited her parents and asked her to take a break Why

Su Qing! It must be Su Qings doing.

She was fighting back!

This b*tch could actually set up such a trap and cause her to be in such a state.

How was she going to explain this to Su Zheng He definitely wouldnt let her off easily.

What should she do Thinking of this, Su Yans heart was filled with panic.

However, the school wouldnt really stop her from attending classes, right

However, this matter could not be hidden from her family.

Su Yan felt that this had become a dead end.

She was really in a dilemma!

When Su Yan returned home alone, she realized that everyone had gathered.

Even her fourth brother, Su Shui, had returned.

They sat down happily and chatted while waiting for dinner, like a real family.

When she stood at the door, no one greeted her.

Especially her fifth brother, Su Qian.

He actually looked at her with disdain.

Su Yan didnt know that Su Qian had already told her brothers everything.

She only thought that Su Qing had brainwashed him.

Although everyone parted on bad terms that day, as long as her father was around, she wasnt afraid that her brothers would be instigated by Su Qing to gang up against her.

Her brothers wouldnt bother doing that either.


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