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Su Shui looked at Kong Yues slightly furrowed brows and comforted her, “Mom, dont be angry.

Su Qing helped a lot this time! Its all thanks to Su Qing that our alliance managed to win the award!”

When Kong Yue heard Su Shuis words and saw the certificate of honor that he handed over, she was stunned.

Then, she covered her mouth in shock.

Su Shui looked at his mothers shocked expression and chuckled.

“The trophy is in the luggage.

Ill take it out to show you later.”

Kong Yue reached out to take the certificate in disbelief.

She looked up at Su Qing and Su Shui and said in surprise, “Is this true Oh my god, Qingqing, youre actually as capable as your fourth brother! I really didnt expect you to be so capable! If your father knew, he would definitely be very happy.”

Su Qian was also very shocked.

He didnt expect his sister to be going out to participate in some international competition.

It had only been three days, but she had already returned with a world-class trophy!

Was this trophy a cabbage from the market Could it be obtained so easily Su Qian was clearly surprised by his fourth brother and Su Qings strength.

What kind of geniuses had their family given birth to!

While Su Qian was still thinking about this, Su Qing had already held Kong Yues hand and said softly, “Mommy, I know its my fault this time.

I left in a hurry, so I didnt have the time to tell you!”

When Su Qian heard this, he quickly explained, “Mom! Sister has already told me about this.

We were afraid that you would be worried, so we didnt tell you.

Were sorry, Mom!”

When Kong Yue heard this, she turned around and glared at Su Qian.

She snorted, “I see! You siblings have already learned to cover for each other, right”

Kong Yue was actually happy.

Back then, she was worried that Su Qing wouldnt be able to communicate with her five brothers, but now, it seemed like she was overthinking.

Even Su Shui, who spoke the least at home, seemed to treat Su Qing well.

He had even taken the initiative to explain on her behalf.

When Su Shui and Su Qian heard Kong Yues words, they looked at each other guiltily and smiled.

Su Qing said obediently, “Mom! Is there anything to eat Im hungry.”

Kong Yue looked at her pretentious expression and smiled gently.

“Of course.

Ive even saved you some food!”

Su Qing nodded.

Seeing that her Fifth Brother was alone at home, she asked, “Where are our brothers”

“Your eldest brother is at the company.

Second Brother should be training today.

Third Brother said that he has a very important project to do, so he went out too!” Kong Yue replied with a smile, “As for your father, he should have gone to the old mansion to visit Grandma this afternoon!”

When Su Qian heard Kong Yue mention Grandma, he smiled and added, “Speaking of which, Qingqing hasnt met Grandma yet, right”

Kong Yue nodded and reached out to touch Su Qings hair.

“Because your grandmother hasnt been in good health recently, we didnt bring you over.

When we find a suitable opportunity in a few days, Ill bring you to meet her.”

Su Qing nodded obediently and silently observed Kong Yues expression.

When her mother mentioned the old lady, she didnt seem very happy.

At Floyd University.

Wang Yu looked at Su Yan, who had been locking herself in her room, and asked her roommate worriedly, “Is Su Yan alright Weve just started school, and shes already skipping class.

Isnt it inappropriate”

Her roommate smiled sarcastically.

“Do you think its just a matter of skipping school now If Su Yan doesnt think of a way to resolve her problem, Im afraid she wont be able to stay in school anymore!”

Wang Yu was stunned and asked, “What do you mean”

“The school has been checking on students behavior, and shes been in the limelight every day.

The school will definitely use her as an example! If I were her, I would have been too ashamed to face anyone.

I would have packed my things and gone home! What a disgrace!”

Wang Yu was stunned by her words.

She suddenly stood up and pointed at her.

“How can you say that about Su Yan She was wronged.

Shes the daughter of the Su family.

You should be more polite.”

When her roommate heard this, she said disdainfully, “Miss Su Heavens, you really take her seriously! What benefits did she give you to make you follow her willingly Wake up, Wang Yu.

Youre foolishly treating her well, but she might not appreciate it.”

She was right.

Su Yan really didnt care about a mere Wang Yu.

She even pushed Wang Yu out to take the blame for her!

Su Yan, who had been standing at the door, was about to open the door when she heard them talking about her.


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