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What kind of genius was Glamor! Shan Jis team members thought in despair.

In the following period of time, their team members were attacked and assassinated one after another.

There was even one team member whose computer screen went black, and he couldnt turn it back on no matter what he did!

Shan Ji lasted a few seconds longer than they did, but in the end, he was defeated too.

They didnt find any loopholes in Glamor and Yings defense, and after attacking the wrong code, they suffered a violent backlash, causing everyone to crash.

This victory seemed to have come very quickly and easily, but the excitement made the audience applaud! They had completely crushed their opponent!

The moment they won the competition, Mike rushed happily towards the creator of this victory — Glamor!

Su Shui quickly stopped Mike from going further and blocked the hug for Su Qing.

“Oh my god! Glamor, youre simply a god.

The Alliance is really lucky to have you this time! I love you to death.” Mike was extremely excited.

In this noisy competition, he expressed his “love” to Glamor in an excited voice.

Su Shui quickly pushed Mike away and smiled at his partner.

However, when he heard Mikes last sentence, his expression instantly darkened.

He grabbed his shoulder and said, “You dont have to love her.

Stay away from her.”


Mike didnt understand and quickly asked why.

Su Shui looked at him coldly, and the answer was already in his eyes. Shes my sister! She doesnt need your love!

Mike naturally couldnt understand his gaze, but he understood Su Shuis warning gaze.

No one knew that the few protagonists who were standing in the middle of the arena and had obtained the honor that hackers all over the world dreamed of were actually arguing about such a problem! Or perhaps, it was just a one-sided argument against Mike!

After the competition ended, Mike prepared a very grand celebration, but neither of the two protagonists wanted to go.

Su Qing went shopping alone, thinking about what gift she could bring back for Kong Yue.

Su Shui was packing his luggage in his room.

After the competition, he could finally go home and rest.

The plane tickets had been booked, and he still had to be responsible for escorting his sister back!

At noon the next day, the Su family welcomed Su Shui, who had not appeared for a long time, and Su Qing, who was also travel-worn.

Kong Yue looked at the two of them in confusion, not understanding why they would come back together.

“What… whats going on”

She looked at Su Qing and asked in confusion, “Qingqing, why did you come back with your fourth brother Did the two of you meet somewhere”

Su Qian stood at the side and held his nose weakly.

He shot a few glances at Su Qing, indicating that he had covered up well for her! However, he glanced at Su Shui, not understanding why his fourth brother was with Su Qing.

Under Kong Yues gentle and caring gaze, Su Qing still couldnt bear to lie to her.

It wasnt a bad thing that she had won a world championship.

“I went overseas to participate in a competition over the past two days, and thats where I met Fourth Brother.

After the competition ended yesterday, we came back together,” Su Qing said honestly as she looked at Kong Yue.

Su Shui was a little surprised by Su Qings honesty.

He thought that she would choose to hide it from her family, and was just thinking about how he should cover for her today!

Su Qing was indeed very different from what he had imagined.

Kong Yue was shocked by Su Qings words.

“What! Werent you at school these past two days Why did you go to Country M again Why didnt you discuss this with your family before doing anything And its even a big matter like going overseas.

If anything happens to you, what will happen to your father and I”

Kong Yue disapproved of Su Qings way of doing things. Wasnt she being willful Moreover, she only thought of coming back to explain after she had already done it.

Wasnt she acting first and reporting later Kong Yue thought to herself and looked at Su Shui, who was at the side.

Her fourth son had always used this move in the past.

Did Qingqing learn it from him

Su Shui didnt know what his mother was thinking, but he immediately sensed that something was wrong.

His mother was no longer looking at him kindly.

“Im sorry, Mommy.

Ill definitely remember to tell you where Im going next time!” Su Qing quickly explained when she saw Kong Yues anxious expression.

She also knew that she was truly in the wrong this time.

Fortunately, Su Zheng was still in the office at this time.

Otherwise, she would have been reprimanded again.


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