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The heart-to-heart conversation between Kong Yue and Su Zheng was still very effective.

At the very least, Su Zheng had really started to reflect on his attitude towards Su Qing.

Su Zheng began to order his subordinates to focus on investigating the matter between Su Qing and Su Yan.

Since he had said that he had to reflect and make changes, it was also the most basic to be impartial.

He shouldnt listen to Su Yans words anymore.

It was only fair to get someone to investigate.

Su Qian originally wanted to go home quickly and tell his family everything he learned from the Dean.

However, Su Qing wasnt back yet.

If he went home alone, how would he explain to his mother where Su Qing had gone

Hence, Su Qian, who was hiding in the school dormitory, felt like he was in a dilemma.

As Su Qians roommate and best friend, Zhang Ke was a little puzzled by his strange behavior.

What happened to the celebrity these past two days This wasnt like him at all.

He sat on the sofa beside Su Qian and asked, “Whats wrong with you Is it because of Su Yans scandal”


Its not that,” Su Qian replied calmly.

He didnt care what happened to Su Yan.

Anyway, she deserved it, and no one could save her.

“Then whats wrong with you”

Su Qian sighed softly.

How was he going to tell Zhang Ke that he had lost his sister and didnt know where she went And still, he had to cover for her.

He was worried and angry, but he still had to deal with his mothers calls from time to time.

The past two days had been like years to him!

Meanwhile, Su Qing, who was far away in Country M, was participating in the exciting World Hacker Competition with her genius hacker brother, Su Shui.

Su Shui was sitting beside Su Qing.

He tapped his Bluetooth earpiece and turned to look at her.

“Are you afraid”

Su Qing looked at him and asked with a smile, “Whats there to be afraid of”

With her around, they wouldnt lose this competition.

Su Qing was confident and strong, and she never fought unprepared.

Their competitor, Shan Ji, was also an opponent she was familiar with.

Over the past few years, the two of them had competed with each other many times.

Shan Ji was the number one player in the opposing team.

When he found out that his opponent was Glamor, he almost went crazy.

Glamor was his ultimate nemesis!

Shan Ji had suffered a lot at her hands.

The competition had yet to begin, but he was already feeling nervous.

He glanced at Glamor from afar and took a deep breath, praying that he wouldnt lose too quickly or too badly today.

Su Shui realized that Shan Ji was staring at Su Qing.

He straightened his back and blocked her, then looked at him coldly.

Shan Ji retracted his gaze, and wondered why the people opposite him were all so fierce and terrifying!

Su Shui turned to look at Su Qing and asked with a frown, “Do you know him”

Su Qing smiled lightly, and her brows relaxed, like a bright and warm light.

However, the smile in her eyes was clearly sly.

“Hes a veteran competitor.

He often lost to me in the past, so well definitely win today!”

Su Shui looked at Su Qings expression and was suddenly stunned.

Her liveliness just now was very different.

What Su Shui didnt know was that Su Qing would always be this excited about the things she liked.

The competition officially began.

The lights at the venue dimmed, and Su Qing and Su Shui officially began their attacks.

The competition was divided into two rounds.

One had to quickly complete the attack and defense in an extremely short period of time.

The moment Su Qing came up, she immediately launched a fierce attack.

Her fingertips were flying, and the words and codes that flashed across the computer screen were dazzling.

She could quickly capture the hidden loopholes and infiltrate them to organize the attack.

Almost at the same time, Su Shui did the same thing as her, but Su Qing was still two seconds faster than him.

He glanced at her in surprise.

Her reaction and observation skills had already surpassed his!

After the exchange of attack and defense, Shan Ji wiped the sweat off his face, gulped, and instructed his team, “Glamors defense skills are also very strange.

Everyone, you have to be careful of the traps.

Dont attack wrongly and suffer a backlash!”

“What do you mean by a backlash Shes a monster!” The team members were already stunned by Glamors attack just now, and when they heard this, they broke down.

As soon as he finished speaking, a team members computer screen emitted a red warning.

This was a signal that he was being attacked.

He was about to go crazy.

This was their attack time!


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