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Nine in the evening, at the Su residence.

Kong Yue leaned against the bed and massaged her temples.

For some reason, she had been feeling uneasy today, as though something bad had happened.

The uneasiness in her heart was too unbearable.

Kong Yue thought about it and called Su Qing, but she realized that Su Qing still didnt answer her calls!

She had already called Su Qing three times today, but no one answered.

Although Su Qian was watching over her at school, and he had also told her that Qingqing had a full day of class today, which was why her phone hadnt been turned on, Kong Yue still felt uneasy when she didnt hear Su Qings voice.

When Su Zheng returned to his room after watching the evening news, he saw Kong Yues worried expression and asked, “Whats wrong”

Because of Su Zhengs protection of Su Yan, Kong Yue hadnt spoken to him for a day.

She was still angry with him, so she didnt say anything.

However, Kong Yue was his wife, and he still cared about her, so he would still coax her when needed.

“Dont be angry anymore! Its not worth being angry over such a small matter,” Su Zheng sat on the bed and said gently to Kong Yue.

Kong Yue glanced at him lightly and said, “Is it a small matter Qingqing was so angry with you that she ran away from home! You only have Su Yan in your eyes, but Qingqing is our daughter! Im not asking you to dote on her like I do, but you have to at least be impartial.”

Kong Yues voice was very gentle, and her words could make ones heart ache.

Su Zheng knew her well and knew that she was going to have a good chat with him.

“Look at her.

How is she treating me as her father She doesnt know her manners and even rebuts me whenever she wants.

She doesnt take me seriously at all,” Su Zheng said slowly with a frown.

Kong Yue looked at him and sighed before continuing, “You said that youre her father, but do you think she understands the true meaning of this word She was still so young when she was taken from us.

She had suffered countless hardships since she was young, and she had never enjoyed the feeling of parental love.

What does she know about being a father”


Kong Yues eyes were already slowly moistening.

“The wordfather was never used in her life! And now, she has returned to our side safely.

Its fine if you dont cherish her, but you still keep pushing her away from us! How can you be so heartless The moment you met her, you used your status as the head of the Su family and your dignity as a father to sternly demand and criticize her.

Doesnt she need some time to adapt Youve been the father of five children.

Why is it that you only treat the youngest child we owe the most like this”

Every word that Kong Yue said came from the bottom of her heart.

Tears fell from the corners of her eyes, and under the gentle light, she looked extremely gentle and warm.

Su Zheng remained silent and handed her a tissue.

Kong Yue took it and held his hand.

She said gently, “Hubby, I know that your heart aches for Qingqing too.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have insisted on looking for her for so many years with me! We owe Qingqing too much.

But the moment you met her, you asked her to be your good daughter and listen to everything you say.

Think about it, do you have the right to ask her to do that Have you been a good father to her Hmm”

What Kong Yue said was very reasonable.

This was indeed what Su Zheng had neglected.

He had requested for Su Qing to mature quickly and become a daughter worthy of the Su family, but he had neglected Su Qings wishes and used the wrong method!

Using the rod on Su Qing to make her an obedient daughter was not a suitable method to guide her.

Su Zheng started to reflect.

Su Qing was a very smart child, just like him.

There were even many similarities between them, such as their willingness to believe in their own ideas and their stubbornness.

He thought about Su Qings cold and distant expression when she first came to the house and sighed inwardly.

She became much better recently.

At the very least, she was very close to her mother and brothers, whom she liked.

This could be considered an improvement!

Kong Yue looked at Su Zheng, who was in a daze, and didnt say anything to disturb him.

She just accompanied him quietly.

They had been husband and wife for decades.

Sometimes, they even understood each other better than each other.

This was a tacit understanding and relationship that had been accumulated over time.

Sometimes, they could spend time together in silence, but this silence was also the most powerful.

Su Zheng was silent for a long time before saying slowly, “I understand what you mean.

Give me some time to adapt!”



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