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Su Qians attention was suddenly attracted by this name.

He frowned slightly, wondering if Su Yan had done something to plot against his sister again!

Since Su Qing wasnt around these few days, he had to keep an eye on the academys situation and watch over Su Yan!

Su Qian slowly followed behind them.

As he listened to their conversation, he took out his phone and logged into the intranet.

The girls started discussing as though no one was around.

“Its Su Yan, the adopted daughter of Su Qians family! I think its over for her this time.

Look, her scandals from the past have been dug up!”

“Oh my god, is… is this true Why is Su Yan such a person”

“Look at this post.

Its about the Su familys adopted daughter, Su Yan! She actually borrowed money to buy branded bags and jewelry just to get into the socialite circle.

Others have asked her to repay her debts a few times! She even met those people when buying those items! How embarrassing!”

“She also likes to act like a cultured person.

She went to many high-end places and made a fool of herself! The most serious incident was when she destroyed Mr.

Qingzhais work.

She even wanted to frame others on the spot, but was caught by the third young master of the Su family.

I heard that they had to compensate with a lot of money!”

“Just thinking about that scene made me feel extremely embarrassed for her! How could she still have the cheek to seduce seniors openly all day!”

“How did such a person get into Floyd”

“I saw her at Academic Building Three just now! From the looks of it, she already knows that shes infamous.

Shes trying to sneak away from school!”

“Hasnt the school been doing some censoring on online activities recently Now that Su Yans matter has been exposed, the school leaders will definitely talk to her!”

“I think this matter is very serious.

Theyll probably make an example out of her!”

“What do you mean”

“Tsk! That means that theyll give her a severe punishment! How can you not know what this means”

As Su Qian continued eavesdropping, he also looked at his phone.

Good lord, the writer of this post was too good.

He was probably a journalism student.

His words were precise, sharp, logical, and reasonable.

He was an expert!

Who did Su Yan offend As Su Qian thought about it, he was a little happy.

This was an eye for an eye! Su Qian had been in the entertainment industry for a long time, so he was very familiar with public opinion and topics!

These were things that non-professionals couldnt do, which was why Su Qian felt that she had offended someone!

Su Qian thought about it.

Who cares Anyway, Su Yan deserved it.

The information on it didnt seem to be fake!

Su Yan, who had just rushed back to the dormitory, slammed the door shut.

She was so angry that her face was red.

She smashed the book on her table and said angrily, “Who is it Who is using the intranet to ruin me! It must be that b*tch, Su Qing! Where did that b*tch get that information from”

At this moment, Su Yan was like a lunatic who had completely lost her mind.

What she cared about the most was her identity as the daughter of the Su family.

She was proud, vain and hypocritical, but she had always hidden these traits very well.

It was impossible for others to discover them!

“Su Qing!” Su Yan repeated this name, her eyes as dark and terrifying as poison.

“Its that b*tch, Su Qing, whos ruining me!”

Su Yan thought of Su Qings vicious words that day and gritted her teeth.

“B*tch! Do you think you can defeat me with such a small trick Impossible! Daddy is on my side.

He wont believe this.

Daddy dotes on me!”

Actually, Su Yan also understood that the reason why Su Zheng usually stood on her side was because he was comparing Su Qing with her.

Su Qings coldness and alienation highlighted her obedient and gentle attitude towards Su Zheng!

However, once it involved the Su familys reputation, Su Zheng wouldnt be so easy to deal with!

Su Qing could predict how Su Zheng would react, and her possible fate!

Su Yan hated Su Qing to the core.

A dangerous thought suddenly popped up in her mind.

What if Su Qing was no longer around

What if Su Qing died Wouldnt she be the only young miss in the Su family Then, everything that Su Qing owned would belong to her alone! Her brothers would treat her as well as they treated Su Qing, and so would her mother.

She would remain the only daughter of the Su family!

Once a persons heart was filled with unsatisfied greed, ugly evil thoughts would follow.

Su Yan had been jealous of Su Qing for a long time.

She was jealous and narrow-minded, so it was only a matter of time that she thought about replacing Su Qing!


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