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“I heard that you beat Xiao En up” Su Shui was clearly a man of few words, but he seemed to have endless questions for Su Qing.

As he spoke, he sized Su Qing up and felt that this sister of his didnt seem like someone who could fight.

Plus, it looked impossible for her to be able to KO someone with a single punch!

However, that was because Su Shui was ignorant.

Su Qings combat strength was far from being as soft and easy to bully as she appeared to be.

After all, she could fight a hundred people alone in the Yuan familys martial arts hall!

Su Qing also looked at him and said, “Thats right! Whats wrong with that”

A smile suddenly appeared in Su Shuis eyes.

If one looked closely, they could tell that he was impressed.

He said in a low voice, “He deserves it.

Good job.”

Su Qing felt that Su Shui was very interesting.

If it were someone elses long-lost siblings meeting for the first time in such a strange place, and they didnt know each other well, they wouldnt be as calm as they were.

It could only be said that the way geniuses thought was different from ordinary people.

Mike didnt expect there to be an unexpected surprise.

It was great that Ying and Glamor knew each other.

Wouldnt their chances of winning tomorrows competition be even higher The tacit cooperation between teammates was also one of the main factors for victory!

When Su Qing and Su Shui left the cafeteria, she specially asked Su Shui not to tell their family about this matter.

Su Shui thought for a moment and agreed.

He understood why Su Qing would want this.

She was still a young lady, so if their mother or father found out about this, they would definitely be worried about Su Qing traveling around the world alone, and she might not be able to participate in such interesting events in the future!

The reason why Su Shui thought this way was because he had experienced the same thing since he was young.

Seeing that Su Shui agreed to her request without asking anything, Su Qing was a little surprised.

This brother of hers was quite good.

He wasnt wishy-washy at all!

Of course, the naggy brother was someone else.

Because Su Qian couldnt contact Su Qing, he had been feeling a little anxious.

Although Su Qing had sent him a message, what could that message mean It would only make him even more worried!

At noon, Kong Yue called Su Qian and asked him to take good care of his sister.

Su Qian promised her that he would take care of her, but he was complaining in his heart.

How was he going to take care of his good sister when he didnt even know where she was

Su Qians handsome face was filled with bitterness, but he still did what he had to do.

He got someone to investigate the matter of Su Qing being defamed, and also went to the Deans office to find out what happened.

The Dean thought that Su Qian was here because of Su Qings military training, so he quickly explained a lot to Su Qian, including the matter of Tian Xin hiring thugs to plot against Su Qing, and the fact that Xing Lei had invited Su Qing to be a coach.

Su Qian was stunned.

He didnt expect Su Qing to be so powerful!

Although Su Qing didnt deliberately hide the truth from them, she didnt tell them the details either.

When Su Qian came out of the Deans office, his heart was heavy.

After hearing the Deans explanation, he finally understood some things.

Su Qing had suffered a lot alone.

She had endured the dangerous situation that day, as well as all the scandals recently, but she had never asked for help from anyone in the family!

And as a family, what had they done

Su Qian didnt know anything about all of this, or rather, he didnt care enough.

Su Yan had tried all sorts of ways to harm her, and her scheming mind was revolting.

And their father! He was biased towards Su Yan.

He criticized Su Qing, and even scolded her.

He didnt treat her well at all!

It was no wonder why she didnt want to waste any more time talking to Su Yan and their father at the restaurant that day.

She had done everything she could.

It was fine if others didnt believe her, but she just wanted to do what she had to.

And still, her actions were as powerless as a punch landing on cotton.

If it were him, he would probably be disappointed.

As Su Qian walked around in school, his mind was still filled with thoughts about Su Qing.

His heart ached for this cool, adorable girl.

He swore to himself that he would take good care of his sister in the future and not let her suffer any more grievances.

It was time for the next class, and there were many students in the corridor.

Su Qian put on his hat and mask.

“Hey, have you seen the latest news on the intranet Su Yan is really disgraced this time!”

“Su Yan Who is she”


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