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A round of applause sounded from the crowd.

At this moment, a mocking voice sounded from inside.

“I thought Glamor was some kind of powerful figure! It turns out that shes just a young girl! Glamor, are you an adult Dont you need a parent to accompany you when you travel” The man said, finding it funny, and laughed loudly.

Mike looked at Xiao En, who was laughing, and frowned unhappily.

“Xiao En, will you shut up”

Su Qing glanced coldly at the man called Xiao En and chuckled.

“Im indeed not a powerful figure! Im just someone who was invited by your person-in-charge to help you!”

The Hacker Alliance had no chance of winning this competition, and it was a very embarrassing thing for them to ask for help from others at the last minute, but Su Qing was attacked where it hurt most!

She didnt want to do this either, but she had just arrived, and this ignorant Xiao En was already trying to mock her.

Was she, Su Qing, someone who was easy to bully Of course not!

Xiao En understood the meaning behind Su Qings words and stood up abruptly.

He was very tall, and his expression was terrifying.

“What are you saying Are you mocking us Do you want to die, b*tch” Xiao En said fiercely.

The hackers at the side were just watching the show.

They also wanted to see what kind of person this magical oriental girl, Glamor, was!

The excitement and sizing up in the eyes of the surrounding people made Su Qing feel very uncomfortable.

She looked at them coldly, her aura as cold as ice.

In Xiao Ens opinion, Su Qings indifferent reaction was a deliberate provocation.

He raised his fist angrily and wanted to rush up and hit her, but when Mike saw that the situation was bad, he wanted to step forward and protect Su Qing.

What he didnt expect was that Glamor was even faster than he was.

She quickly adjusted her stance, and before Xiao En could reach her, she threw a straight punch at a precise and sharp angle.

Mike could already tell from her standing posture that Glamor had definitely practiced some martial arts.

Her skills werent just for show!

Before Xiao En could see Su Qings punch clearly, he had already fallen to the side and smashed onto the ground.

This was no longer a simple straight punch.

It was a hook, followed by a straight punch.

“Oh my God!”


There were many cries of surprise.

No one expected Glamor to be able to defeat Xiao En, who was more than six feet tall! And Glamor was just a thin and beautiful girl!

She was truly extraordinary!

Su Qings movements were ruthless and accurate.

She glanced at Xiao En, who had fallen to the ground and couldnt get up, then glanced at the people around her and asked coldly, “Does anyone else want to try This will be your only chance to challenge me!”

Who would dare to say anything else Werent they afraid that they would be beaten up by Glamor, just like Xiao En, who was still crying out in pain on the ground

Su Qing looked at the silent crowd, then turned to Mike and said, “Alright, everyone is very welcoming! Can you bring me to my room now”

Mike smiled and said happily, “Of course.” He had always been helpless against this group of lazy and rude hackers.

Now, he felt very amused to see them so frightened that they didnt dare to speak.

When Mike came in just now, he realized that Ying wasnt here.

He didnt know where this person was hiding, so he could only introduce Glamor to him during dinner later.

After all, the two of them were the core members for tomorrows competition!

“Our other main team member isnt here now.

Ill introduce you to him later.

Well have to rely on the two of you for tomorrows competition!” Mike said as he helped Su Qing carry her luggage into the residence upstairs.

Su Qing would be staying with the Alliance for the next two days.

When she heard Mikes words, she nodded in understanding.

She didnt know what kind of awkward situation she would face later on.

The canteen of the Alliance was still very high-end.

When Su Qing walked in, there were already many people inside.

She ordered a Western meal for herself and walked into the dining area with her plate.

When she saw the man sitting with Mike in the distance, she suddenly stopped in her tracks!

When Kong Yue was at home, she liked to show Su Qing her brothers photos, so even though she had never seen Su Shui in person, she still recognized him at that moment.

The man seated beside Mike was her fourth brother, the fourth young master of the Su family, Su Shui!



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