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Sang Ning smiled awkwardly.

“The person in-charge was just afraid that you would think that he was being too presumptuous, so he asked me to be the middleman!”

“Then why did you say that you were about to die If you didnt do it, would they have killed you” Su Qing retorted.

Sang Ning chuckled.

If Su Qing didnt agree with him, that person might really kill him!

Sang Ning went over and invited him over.

The person in charge, Mike, was a very polite person, but he reserved this politeness for people he really respected.

Sang Ning didnt receive that sort of treatment.

Su Qing communicated with Mike and understood what he meant.

She accepted the invitation readily.

She was always interested in new challenges.

Seeing that Su Qing agreed, Mike looked much more relaxed.

“Thats great, Glamor.

When can we set off I believe my companions cant wait to see you!”

Su Qing smiled at him and said in fluent English, “I need some time to prepare.

Ill see you at the airport at eight in the morning tomorrow!”

Mike replied happily, “Thats great!”

However, he seemed to be a little puzzled that Su Qing was here.

This should be a university, right

Was Glamor a teacher here But she looked too young!

Mike asked Su Qing what she was doing here, and Su Qing explained to him, “Im just a student here.”

Mike was shocked and asked in confusion, “But your information shows that youve already graduated from many famous universities.

Is this just clocking a life experience”

Su Qing felt that this Mike was very interesting.

She chuckled and nodded, thinking to herself, Yes, Im here just to experience school life.

Isnt this the reason why my masters asked me to come anyway

The next morning, Wu Mu looked at Su Qing packing her things and asked worriedly, “Do you really not want me to go with you We can take care of each other if we go together!”

Su Qing didnt stop what she was doing.

She explained to Wu Mu, “The Hackers Alliance is very secretive.

They dont allow outsiders to enter or leave.

Itll be a waste of time if you go! You can still cover for me in the country.

Ive already told Teacher Zhou that Ill be taking two days off.

You just have to help me hide it from the Su family.

Ill think of a way to explain to them when I get back!”

When Wu Mu heard Su Qings words, she knew that everything had been arranged, so she couldnt say anything else.

She agreed and helped Su Qing carry her small luggage.

When Su Qing appeared at the airport on time, Mike was finally relieved.

He felt that his invitation last night was still too rushed, and he was afraid that Glamor would go back on her word.

Fortunately, Glamor was a very trustworthy person.

It was a long journey to Country M.

Before Su Qing boarded the plane, she sent a message to Su Qian.

She was afraid that Wu Mu wouldnt be able to withstand Su Qians pestering.

Su Qian didnt have any classes in the morning, so he wanted to call Su Qing over for breakfast! However, just as he reached her dorm, he received a message from Su Qing.

“I have something on.

Ill be away for two days.

Ill be back soon! If Mom asks me, cover for me!”

Su Qian was a little confused when he saw this message.

This little girl was really decisive! She left without saying goodbye, didnt say where she was going, and didnt even say what she was going to do.

She left her fifth brother, who was filled with doubts, to help her settle anything that might happen!

Su Qian wanted to ask clearly, so he called Su Qing back.

However, Su Qing had already turned off her phone and was about to board the plane, so Su Qian didnt get through.

Thirteen hours later, the plane landed at the airport in Country M.

Mike was in charge of Su Qings entire trip, and he brought her straight to the Hacker Alliance headquarters.

The competition was set for tomorrow morning.

Mike felt that Glamor had really arrived at the right time.

She was like a savior for their alliance.

Su Qings arrival made the hackers eyes light up.

They didnt expect Glamor to be a beautiful oriental girl.

“Oh my god! I thought Glamor was a man.

I didnt expect Glamor to be a beautiful girl!”

“I knew that Glamor was a woman, but I didnt expect her to be so young.

Whos older, Ying or her”

“Why are the geniuses so young these days Are they even going to let us live”

“How can you be called a genius if youre not young and promising”

Everyone looked excitedly at Glamor, who was walking over.

As they chatted, Mike had already led Su Qing to them.

He coughed lightly and said solemnly, “Everyone, quieten down.

Let us welcome Glamor to the Hacker Alliance.

She will represent us in the third round of the competition!”


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