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Su Qian looked at Su Qing strangely.

Suddenly, alarm bells rang in his heart.

Could this little girl be in a relationship

“Is it a man or a woman Do I know them Why am I calling you so late at night Is there anything I can help you with” Su Qian was like a naggy old lady as he asked Su Qing a few questions.

Su Qing lowered the car window beside her.

The night breeze blew on her face, bringing her some pleasure.

She then replied, “A friend.

Hes looking for me for something.”

Su Qian realized that Su Qing looked sleepy.

She must be exhausted today.

After all, she had been busy the entire day.

Su Qian suppressed his curiosity and drove quietly.

He felt that he was really a considerate brother.

In the future, Su Qing would definitely like him more than his Second Brother!

The restaurant was very close to school, only ten minutes away.

When Su Qian sent Su Qing to the girls dormitory, it was still not that late yet.

The street lights were glowing warmly, and occasionally, couples could be seen walking around under the street lights.

Su Qian was stunned when he saw Su Qing get out of the car.

What was wrong with this little girl She didnt even thank her brother before getting out of the car and leaving.

“Hey! Dont you think something is missing” Su Qian quickly stopped Su Qing.

Su Qings hand that was closing the car door paused, and she looked puzzled.


Su Qian sighed and reminded her, “Arent you going to say goodbye to me”

Su Qing looked at Su Qians handsome face and smiled perfunctorily.

“Goodbye.” With that, she went upstairs.

Su Qian was amused by her expression, so much so that he forgot that someone had just asked Su Qing out.

He hadnt asked her clearly yet!

The news of Su Qians car appearing at Block One of the dorms was quickly spread on the intranet, and everyone started discussing it again.

“Who was he sending Its so late, but hes still so considerate!”

“Who else but his girlfriend I have to say that Su Qian is quite capable.

Block One is filled with new students this year, right How did he get a girlfriend so quickly”

“Previous poster, you must be crazy.

If you can make such connections, why dont you write a novel instead Thats clearly Brother Qians sister, Su Qing.

Isnt it normal for Brother Qian to send his sister back to the apartment”

“What sister Isnt Su Qing the illegitimate daughter of the Su family”

“If youre lagging behind, dont go online like everyone else.

Go home and be a farmer! Brother Qian explained everything at the orientation this afternoon.

Su Qing is his biological sister!”

The netizens even posted a video to substantiate their claims.

It was a video of Su Qian answering the fans questions at the welcome party.

“I believe that Im not the only one whos confused.

The post yesterday clearly said that Su Qing was the illegitimate daughter of the Su family, so why is it clarified today The Su family is quite efficient!”

“Did you notice that the post has already disappeared”

“Thats right! Its been deleted!”

“Its just some rumors.

If theyre deleted, so be it!”

“Does anyone have a high-definition video of Su Qing singing Send me a copy.

Im too far away, so the recording isnt good!”

“I have a copy, sisters.

Ill pass them to you!”

The netizens discussions changed very quickly.

After a while, everyone started talking about Su Qings singing again.

Amidst the praises, Su Qing gained a large number of fans.

At this moment, Su Qing, who was talking to Sang Ning, naturally didnt know that she had caused another heated discussion on the intranet.

Under a street lamp not far from Block One, Sang Ning was holding a black and gold invitation, looking at Su Qing nervously.

Su Qing thought about what Sang Ning had just said and asked curiously, “When did you start talking to the Hacker Alliance How did they know that you knew me”

What Su Qing wanted to ask was, how did the Hacker Alliance know that they could find Glamor through Sang Ning

Sang Ning shook his head and said to Su Qing, “I dont know either, Sister Qing! The person in charge of them is a very tall American.

He said that they have a very important competition that they want you to participate in.

The reward is five digits!”

Su Qing was a little surprised.

“Theyre actually so generous Then why didnt I receive any news before”

Sang Ning knew too little about the Hacker Alliance, so it would not be wise to agree to the invitation so easily.

“Wheres their person-in-charge” Su Qing asked.

Sang Ning pointed at the car behind him.

“In the car!”

Su Qing glared at Sang Ning speechlessly.

“If that person is in the car, why am I still here listening to your nonsense”


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