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Kong Yue was famous for being kind and gentle in the Su family, but now, she even scolded Su Zheng for Su Qing.

It seemed like she was really angry.

Su Qing didnt say anything.

She lowered her head and ate the ice cream in her hand.

How was she going to explain to Kong Yue that she wasnt sad, but just annoyed

When Su Rui saw that the atmosphere had turned awkward, he said, “Qingqing, what else do you want to eat Ill buy it for you!”

Su Qing shook her head.

She hadnt finished the food she had just bought.

“Then lets go home! Its getting late,” Kong Yue suggested.

At the thought that she would still have to see Su Zheng when she returned, Su Qing frowned slightly.

In order to prevent the situation from escalating, it was best for her not to go home for the next few days.

She was afraid that she would lose control and anger Su Zheng.

“Ill go back to the school dormitory! You dont have to worry about me.

This is just a small matter,” Su Qing said as she stood up.

Kong Yue looked a little sad, but when she saw Su Qings confident expression, she nodded slightly.

She had to give her child some space.

“Then Mommy will come over this weekend to pick you up! You have to take good care of yourself.” As she spoke, she took out her bag, took out a card, and handed it to Su Qing.

“I know youre a kind and good child.

You wont go through all the trouble alone! This is the black card under my account.

There is no credit.

Take it and use it first.”

Su Qing looked at Kong Yues gentle face and smiled.

“Mom, I dont need it! Im rich.”

How could Kong Yue believe that a child like her was rich She stuffed the card into her hand.

“Be good.

Dont make Mommy worry about you!”

“Just take it since Mommy gave it to you! She wont be at ease if you dont,” Su Rui chimed in.

Kong Yue looked like she was really worried about her.

Su Qing sighed softly and took it.

“Thank you, Mommy.

Ill go back now!”

Seeing that she was about to leave, Su Qian quickly stood up and said, “Ill stay at school with you today.

Lets go back together.”

Kong Yue nodded.

This was good too.

She could let Su Qian have a good chat with his sister.

After they left, Su Rui and Kong Yue also returned to the car.

Su Rui buckled his seatbelt and said worriedly, “Mom! What do you think we should do Will Dad and Qingqing continue bickering with each other”

Kong Yue sighed and was a little angry.

“You saw it too.

Qingqing didnt do anything wrong today, but your father just wants to protect Su Yan.

He has been so blinded by Su Yan that he forgot who his daughter is! We have to give your father some pressure and let him know who the real daughter of the Su family is!”

When Su Rui heard Kong Yues words, he knew that his mother already had a plan, so he stopped worrying.

On the way back to school, Su Qing sat in the passenger seat of Su Qians car and looked at the huge number of notifications on her phone.

She was a little speechless!

Was this kid, Sang Ning, crazy Last time, he had also called her so desperately.

She felt frustrated and didnt want to talk to him now.

Su Qing canceled his calls and turned to look out of the car window.

Su Qian had been observing Su Qing.

Seeing her like this, he asked, “Who is it Why arent you answering her calls”

Su Qing said calmly, “No one.

Its a harassment call…” Before she could finish her sentence, Sang Ning called her again.

Su Qing was so annoyed that she wanted to strangle him.

Su Qian said, “Answer it quickly.

Perhaps the caller has something urgent to tell you” He had already seen the caller ID on Su Qings screen.

Since there was a name, it definitely wasnt a harassment call.

If Sang Ning was present, he would definitely hug Su Qians thigh and call him his benefactor!

Su Qing picked up the phone in frustration.

“What are you doing Are you trying to drive me crazy”

When Sang Ning heard Su Qings voice, he almost cried tears of joy.

He hurriedly shouted, “Boss! Help! Its an emergency.

Ill die if you dont come!”

Su Qing knew that Sang Ning was making a fuss over nothing.

Hearing this, she said calmly, “Then die.”

“Dont, Boss! Youre really the only one who can save me! Where are you Ill come over and talk to you!” Sang Nings humble voice sounded especially pitiful.

After all, they were still friends, so Su Qing still told him the schools address.

She hoped that Sang Ning really had something urgent to tell her.

Otherwise, she would let him walk in alive and leave as a corpse, Su Qing thought coldly.

Su Qian looked at Su Qings expression and asked curiously, “Who is it What did they say Why are you unhappy again”

Su Qing ignored his words and rolled her eyes at him.

She hadnt been happy the entire evening.


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