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When Kong Yue heard Su Qings words, she was shocked.

Was this child really going to fall out with her father

She wanted to say something, but Su Qing didnt give her a chance.

“Did Su Yan drug you The truth is right in front of you, but you still want to accuse me just so that you can protect her!”

Su Qing turned around slowly, looking a little disappointed.

“Forget it.

I really shouldnt have wasted my time talking to you.”

With that, Su Qing took her things and wanted to leave the private room.

Her brothers, who had been sitting down just now, immediately stood up.

Among them, Su Qian was the fastest.

He went forward to hold Su Qing back, but when he saw her cold expression, he slowly retracted his hand.

“Su Qing, what are you doing Dont be rash! This isnt your fault, why are you leaving!”

Su Zheng felt that he would be angered to death by his unfilial daughter, Su Qing, sooner or later.

His face flushed red as he pointed at Su Qings back and scolded, “Leave! If you leave, dont take another step into the Su residence anymore!”

Su Xing looked at Su Zheng with a dark expression and said in a low voice, “Dad! Be careful with your words! We cant say anything bad about you because youre an elder, but I really dont agree with your actions today! We know very well what kind of person Su Yan is, and your bias towards her is unfair to us, your biological children!”

Su Xings words were very harsh.

He had already excluded Su Yan from their group.

If Su Zheng was a rational person, he would have known what to do.

Su Yan was just an adopted daughter.

No matter how much he doted on her, could she be closer to him than his biological son

Su Zheng looked at Su Xings serious expression and his expression turned solemn.

“Su Xing, are you forcing me”

Su Lu stood at the door and looked outside worriedly.

When he heard this, he turned around and said, “I think Eldest Brother is right! Its fine if youve always been protecting Su Yan, but when dealing with such an important matter, as the head of the family, how can you be so muddle-headed and not distinguish between right and wrong”

When Su Zheng saw the two of them rebutting him, he raised a hand and pointed at the two of them.

“Ha! Youve grown up, havent you Youve learned to disobey me, havent you If I say something, youll have to rebut me ten times.

I think youre going to turn the world upside down!”

Su Lu looked at Su Zheng and shook his head in disapproval.

“The crime of insubordination is too serious.

We cant afford it! Since Dad is so stubborn, we have nothing to say.”

As Su Lu spoke, he looked at Su Yan and said fiercely, “I wont let this matter rest.

I should have noticed your despicable heart the last time! Im warning you, dont provoke Su Qing and my family again! Do you understand”

Su Yan seemed to be so frightened by Su Lus expression that she didnt dare to speak.

She only lowered her head and cried silently.

She didnt expect Su Qing to turn around and leave, and her brothers actually quarreled with her father because of Su Qing.

This matter had already blown up, so she couldnt avoid it anymore.

At the thought of this, Su Yan looked up at Su Lu and said, “Third Brother, I know that youre biased against me, but why would I harm my family This is my home too!”

“Thats right, you wont harm your family, which is why your target is only Qingqing!” Su Lus eyes were as cold as poison.

It was the same for the art exhibition last time.

Su Yan was clearly targeting her!

Su Lu also felt that it was a waste of time to talk to Su Yan.

He glanced at Su Xing.

“Eldest Brother, lets go! Mommy and the others chased Su Qing out.

I wonder how theyre doing now.”

Su Xing nodded, then looked at Su Zheng before saying, “Lets go.”

Su Qian, Su Rui, and Kong Yue, who had followed Su Qing out, were sitting in the lobby outside the restaurant eating ice cream!

Su Qian couldnt understand what was going on.

He held the sundae ice cream that Su Qing handed to him and asked with a puzzled expression, “So youre really not angry Werent you so sad that you wanted to run away from home”

Su Qing rolled her eyes at him.

“I just dont want to waste time with them.

Its so tiring!”

Indeed, Su Qing wasnt angry.

She just felt depressed and didnt want to see those annoying faces again.

If it werent for her mother and brothers, she would have taught Su Yan a lesson.

She hated Su Zheng too!

Kong Yue looked at Su Qings cold face and said softly, “Baby, dont be sad.

You still have your mother and brothers! I think your father is really muddle-headed.

Lets ignore him.”

Su Qian looked at his mother in surprise.

His mother had actually insulted his father in front of them!


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