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Su Yan was stunned by Su Qings retort.

She really didnt know this.

She just wanted to push the blame away.

She didnt want to lose Su Zhengs support and trust at such a critical moment.

What Su Zheng hated the most was people who ruined the Su familys reputation.

“I really didnt do this.

Look, all the communication here was between Wang Yu and those people.

It has nothing to do with me.

I didnt even know about it!” Su Yan said as she turned to look at Su Zheng.

“Daddy, you believe me, right”

Su Zheng glanced at her, then turned to look at Su Qing and asked, “What evidence do you have that this voice is Yaners What reason does she have to harm you You know best what youve done.

Do you have to accuse her for it”

Su Lu looked at his father in surprise.

He felt that the clear and conclusive evidence in Su Qings hands could not be fake, but his father felt it was fake simply because Su Yan said so.

Wasnt his father too biased He couldnt even differentiate between right and wrong!

“Dad! With my years of experience as a lawyer, I can tell you clearly that the evidence in Su Qings hands is enough to testify against Su Yan.

All your biased words are useless!” It would only hurt your childrens hearts! Su Lu didnt say this last sentence, but the emotions in his eyes showed it.

“You…” Su Zheng was speechless.

Of course, he knew how good Su Lu was as a lawyer.

He just didnt believe Su Qing.

This little girl had a lot of tricks up her sleeve.

It wasnt impossible for her to frame Su Yan!

Kong Yue took a deep look at Su Zheng, then looked at Su Yan and said, “Su Yan! Ever since you came to the Su family, I think that Ive treated you well enough.

You used to be quite obedient, but ever since Qingqing returned home, youve schemed against her time and time again.

Why Has the Su family not treated you well enough Why are you targeting Su Qing”

When Kong Yue asked these questions, her heart ached.

It wasnt that she didnt care about her adopted daughter, Su Yan, but why did she turn out this way She was no longer an innocent girl, and instead, had turned into a scheming woman!

Although Kong Yue usually looked kind and gentle, she wasnt stupid.

Now that her precious daughter had been framed, she couldnt sit back and do nothing!

Since Su Zheng sided with Su Yan, she was going to speak up for her Su Qing too!

Su Qing reached out to hold Kong Yues hand, silently comforting her upset mother.

Su Rui and Su Qian looked at each other, not understanding what was going on.

Wasnt the matter of Su Yan secretly harming Su Qing already set in stone Why was there animosity between their parents too

After Kong Yue said those words, Su Yans eyes were already slowly moist.

She put on an aggrieved and surprised expression.

“Mom How can you say that about me When did I target Su Qing You only listen to Su Qing.

Why cant you believe what I say too”

At the thought of Kong Yues protection of Su Qing, tears streamed down Su Yans face.

“I know that Im still an adopted daughter, and Im still an outsider to the Su family! But I didnt expect my mother and brothers to be so intolerant of me!”

As Su Yan spoke, she turned to look at Su Qing and cried, “What do you want from me Are you only going to let me off after I die”

When Su Zheng heard Su Yans words, he frowned, and he hurriedly said, “What are you talking about How did it end up like this Since you said that you didnt do it, Daddy believes you! Stop saying those silly things!”

Su Zheng looked at Su Qing, who had been very calm since the beginning, as though she wasnt the one who started this matter.

Su Qing looked at Su Yan coldly and said indifferently, “Then let her die.

If she dies, Ill believe that she didnt do this.”

She had really underestimated Su Yans ability to act.

How could Su Zheng remember the truth when she used such a pitiful method to gain his sympathy

Besides, Su Zheng didnt really care about the truth.

He didnt believe all the accusations that Su Qing had made against Su Yan, and only heard what Su Qing just said!

Su Zheng was furious.

He slammed the table and stood up, shouting, “Su Qing! I think youve lost your mind! Do you know what youre saying”

Su Qing also stood up.

She looked straight at Su Zheng and frowned.

“Im very clear-headed and calm! On the other hand, Mr.

Su, youre a little out of it!”


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