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“Alright, alright.

Speaking of which, Yaners dance just now was also very good! I think it was very good,” Su Zheng interrupted, as though he couldnt stand Kong Yue anymore.

Su Yan smiled at Su Zheng and replied obediently, “Thank you, Daddy.

Ill work hard and become even better!”

Su Lu glanced at Su Yan, put down his chopsticks, and said slowly, “Speaking of which, dont you think its very strange The rumors about Su Qing being an illegitimate daughter have been circulating in school for so long, but why didnt Su Qian and Su Yan, who are both from the same school, know about it And no one seemed to have clarified anything for her”

Su Lu looked at Su Yan and Su Qian with the shrewdness and scrutiny of a professional lawyer.

Su Qian glanced at Su Lu and explained, “Third Brother, I really didnt know about this!”

His profession was special, and he spent very little time in school, so he wouldnt take the initiative to pay attention to these things in school.

Most of the gossip about Floyd came from his roommate, Li Shen.

Since Li Shen didnt tell him these things, he naturally wouldnt have heard about it too!

Su Lu believed Su Qian, because he was an extremely protective person.

If he knew about this, he would never allow this matter to continue spreading!

This concerned the Su familys reputation, so Su Zheng didnt sit back and do nothing.

He looked at Su Yan and asked, “What about you, Yaner Have you heard of this rumor”

Su Yan quickly explained to Su Zheng, “Ive never heard of it either, Daddy! Where did you hear it from”

Su Xing slowly frowned and asked, “Thats strange.

It seems like everyone in the world knows about this, but neither of you have heard of it” He looked at Su Yan and asked coldly, “Do you really not know”

Su Yan was frightened by Su Xings cold expression and cowered.

“Eldest Brother, what do you mean Why would I lie If I said that I dont know, then I really didnt know.

Why would I lie to you”

She turned to look at Su Zheng and said aggrievedly, “Daddy! I really didnt know about it.

If I knew, I would definitely clarify it for Su Qing! Were sisters!”

When Su Qing heard this, she interrupted, “Stop it! Theres no way we cant be sisters.

You should know what youve done.

When the truth is revealed to everyone, no matter how eloquent you are, itll be useless!”

When Kong Yue heard Su Qings words, she felt that something was wrong.

She asked curiously, “Qingqing, what do you know Why do you say that”

Su Qing looked at Su Yan and said coldly, “Su Yan has been looking for people to create fake news about me online since she was in school.

Shes the one who spread this rumor!”


Su Yan was shocked and retorted loudly, “What are you talking about, Su Qing Why should I do this Why do you always think that Ill harm you for no reason”

Su Qing was already very familiar with Su Yans ability to shift the blame from herself and accuse others.

“I have evidence.”

She took out her phone and played a few audio clips, as well as showed the chat records of Su Yans roommate, Xiao Yu, and several marketing accounts.

The voice in the clip was clearly Su Yans voice.

She was making all sorts of requests to the marketing team, all about how to defame Su Qing.

And the chat history showed that she had even transferred money to Xiao Yu several times, and each time, the amount was not small!

This time, the evidence was irrefutable.

Kong Yue looked at Su Yan in surprise and asked in confusion, “Why did you harm Qingqing like this Did she offend you”

Su Zheng looked at Su Yan with a livid expression.

He was also a little angry!

Why was Su Yan so inconsiderate No matter how much she disliked Su Qing, she couldnt ignore the Su familys reputation! Wasnt she slapping Su Zhengs face by doing this Moreover, she used such despicable methods!

Su Yan looked at Su Zheng with teary eyes and explained in a panic, “No, Daddy, I didnt do this! How could I have done anything to embarrass you and the Su family Technology is so advanced now, so how can Su Qing prove that these audio and chat records are real They could be fake for all we know!”

Su Qing was amused by Su Yans words.

“You make it sound so easy.

Why dont you make one Dont you have any basic knowledge Everyones voice has its own characteristics.

The tone, manner of speaking, and vocal range are all unique to us.

Its impossible to completely replicate a persons voice! Do you understand”


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