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Su Yan could feel that her father seemed to be a little dissatisfied with Su Qing.

She had noticed his slight frown back then, so she could only “kindly” add fuel to the fire.


Su Qing took a taxi to the venue of the competition.

Sang Ning had been waiting at the entrance for a long time.

When he saw his Sister Qing, his eyes welled up in tears.

“Sis, youre here! Come in with me quickly.

Everyone is waiting anxiously!”

“This place is not bad!” Su Qing looked at the grand and exciting track and said somewhat excitedly.

Sang Ning held the racing helmet out to her and said with a smile, “I knew that you would like it.

This is the largest racing alliance in the entire capital, and Su Rui even invested in it!”

He was surprised when he saw her puzzled expression.

“Sis, dont tell me you dont know who the God of Racing, Su Rui, is Youre considered part of the industry!”

“Is it strange that I dont know” Su Qing glanced at him.

She really didnt know.

“Also, can you stop calling me Sister Qing”

Sang Ning was 22 years old this year.

He was four years older than Su Qing, but he was still willing to call her Sister Qing.

This was an affirmation of Su Qings strength.


Who was Su Qing Although she kept a low profile, everyone who knew her admired her.

She was an extremely terrifying freak!

She seemed to be proficient in everything.

She was very good at racing, gambling, and even martial arts.

The most shocking thing was that she also had impeccable medical skills at such a young age!


She was the epitome of perfection, without any flaws! At least, as one of Su Qings good friends, Sang Ning hadnt discovered any yet.


The track this time was very exciting, but the difficulty level was also very high.

It was no wonder that Qingbao came to look for her.

According to the announcement, the Yinshan Racing Team had also sent Su Rui out today.

“Thats Su Rui” Su Qing stood beside her car and asked about the man in a silver racing outfit.

Sang Ning nodded.

“Thats right, Sis! When were done with the race later, can you help me get his autograph”

Su Qing opened the car door and got in.


Sang Ning was feeling depressed when suddenly, he heard a few Yinshan drivers talking.

“Who is this new person that the opposing team invited this time I dont think Ive heard of her before!”

“She must have been dragged here at the last minute!”

“Do we still need Brother Rui to race this time Is the opponent so good that shell be able to turn the tables”

“I dont know whether I should say this, but this girl has a good figure and looks very young.” As the few of them spoke, their gazes and words gradually became more vulgar.


When Sang Ning heard this, his eyes turned red with anger, and he wanted to go up and teach them a lesson.

Su Qing started the car skillfully and said, “Theres no need to be angry with those people.

Once you are a winner on the track, whatever you say counts.”

Su Qing lowered the shield at the front of her helmet, unwilling to look at Sang Nings look of worship towards her anymore.

Was this the aura of a big shot Sang Ning felt that he was about to fall in love with his Sister Qing.

Su Rui put on his helmet and glared fiercely at the racers who were speaking badly about their opponent.

“Watch your mouth! And remember to bring your brains with you when you come out!”


The few of them straightened their backs respectfully.

How could they have forgotten that Su Rui was someone who took competitions very seriously

The god on the race tracks was also a gentleman, but he usually kept a low profile.

The sexily-dressed race queen walked onto the track with a flag in her hand, and the hosts impassioned voice echoed throughout the venue.

Because Su Rui was too famous, the excitement about the first race of the day was already over the roof.

An endless stream of cheers sounded.

Su Rui glanced at his opponent.

He had never seen this woman before, but he had seen the word “Qing” on the competitor list that was changed at the last minute.

The flashy red car sat on the brightly lit track like a beast in carnage.

Su Rui thought to himself, Qingbao had really invested a lot this time.

They were even willing to take out their most treasured car!

The corners of his lips curled up into a smile.

He put the helmet on, and when he turned around, his eyes met Su Qings.

This womans eyes were very beautiful, and the confidence and excitement in them made her look even more attractive.

Su Ruis competitiveness was ignited.

This was getting interesting!


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