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Huo Qi tapped his fingers on the armrest of his chair and looked at him coldly.

“Dean Zhang, Floyds intranet seems to be filled with trashy news recently!”

The dean felt that cold sweat trickling down his forehead.

He smiled dryly and said, “School has just started recently, so there are indeed many small issues that we havent managed well!”

“Just small issues” Huo Qi asked with a chuckle.

“Yes, Young Master Huo! Well definitely listen to your opinion.

Please correct us if theres anything we are lacking in.”

Huo Qi saw that Dean Zhangs attitude was quite forthcoming, so he didnt beat around the bush.

He directly repeated what he had heard in the audience.

“Since the students are so interested in the intranet, the school cant just let it be! There are all sorts of people there now, and anyone can spout nonsense without restraint.

What has it become A trash station”

When Dean Zhang arrived, he thought that Huo Qi had something important to say.

He didnt expect him to only mention the intranet!

Was the Huo family going to start delving into the education industry now This thought flashed across his mind, but he suddenly rejected it.

He also felt that this thought was a little ridiculous.

Was there a deeper meaning behind Huo Qis actions Dean Zhang wondered.

“I understand, Young Master Huo.

Our school will definitely increase our control over the intranet! Dont worry.” Dean Zhang tried to observe Huo Qis expression and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw him nod slightly.

“Dean Zhang, please manage it strictly!” Huo Qi said.

Dean Zhang nodded respectfully.

Huo Feng looked at Huo Qi and felt that his young master had become more and more polite recently.

In the past, he wasnt like this.

Huo Qi wasnt called the new overlord of the Huo family for nothing.

Then, who had changed him

Huo Feng came to a sudden realization.

Although Miss Su treated them coldly and wasnt easy to approach, she had always been very polite!

On the other hand, Su Qing, who was pulled away by Su Rui, didnt know what happened after that.

Actually, there were many things that Su Qing didnt know, and Huo Qi had already helped her a lot.

Su Qing thought about what Huo Qi had just said, and felt that this man was just teasing her! What could Huo Qi like about her He must be lying to her.

He just wanted to see her embarrass herself!

It had to be said that the heavens were very fair.

Although Su Qing was an extremely intelligent person, she was indeed very slow when it came to relationships! This was probably one of the reasons why the old men from the Yuan family insisted on sending her back to the Su family! Su Qings sensitivity to relationships was really too low.

This was not good.

They wanted Su Qing to experience familial relationships and live happily for the rest of her life.

When everyone was seated, Su Xing glanced at Su Qing.

He had just realized that there was something wrong with her.

Why was she in a daze and didnt speak, as though she was thinking about something that troubled her

Su Xing turned to look at Su Rui questioningly since he was the one who had gone to pick Qingqing up.

Su Rui was also a little depressed and angry.

The feeling of his precious sister being targeted by others was really annoying! In his opinion, Huo Qi was much older than Su Qing, and wasnt worthy of his young and beautiful sister!

If Huo Qi were here, he would feel like he had been shot in the chest.

When outsiders praised him, most of them would say that he was young and promising.

Only the brothers of the Su family would think that he was too old to be worthy of Su Qing!

Kong Yue sat beside Su Qing and held her hand, praising her wonderful performance.

The two dancers had also danced well, and they were all still immersed in the scene from just now.

Su Qing had no choice but to focus on her family.

She temporarily put the annoying Huo Qi aside and said helplessly to Kong Yue, “Yes, Mommy! Youve already praised me many times!”

Kong Yue laughed and picked up some food for Su Qing happily, then asked the children to start eating.

Actually, there were two other gazes at the dining table which were different from the way her mother and brothers looked at her.

Su Qing looked up and saw Su Yan looking at her with a smile, but the corners of her lips were stiff, and there was no smile in her eyes.

Su Qing didnt care about Su Yans harmless malice.

Su Yan was no longer a threat to her!

Tomorrow, when class officially started, Su Yan would be able to taste thefeast that she had personally prepared for her!

Also, Su Zhengs gaze was very strange.

He hadnt picked on her today!


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