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Su Qing pursed her lips and said indifferently, “I didnt promise you that I would wear it.

Also, why are you here Hurry up and get out.”

Huo Qi looked at the red roses in Su Qings hand with a dark gaze, but there was a smile on his face.

“Im your loyal fan.

Whats wrong with me coming over to see you Your brothers treat you very well.

Which one of them gave you these flowers”

The makeup teachers movements became faster and faster.

She didnt know why, but she just felt that the atmosphere was very tense.

She wanted to quickly finish up and leave as soon as possible!

Huo Feng stood at the entrance of the dressing room and glanced inside.

He was also very tall, and he stood there like a wall, blocking all the curious gazes of the outsiders!

The makeup teacher told Su Qing softly, “Its done, Student Su!”

Su Qing nodded slightly at her teacher and thanked her.

The female teacher smiled at her and left quickly.

Only then did Su Qing turn around to look at Huo Qi and say calmly, “Its none of your business!”

Su Qing had a beautiful hair clip on her hair.

The bright color embellished her beauty, making her look more lively.

Huo Qi couldnt help but want to get closer to her!

And that was exactly what he did.

The mans cold aura barged into Su Qings safety perimeter, and his gentle touch landed on her head.

Before Su Qing could do anything to her, Huo Qi quickly took the exquisite and cute hairpin off.

Huo Qi smiled and said, “Give this to me!”

Su Qing looked at him speechlessly and cursed softly, “Pervert.”

There was a pleasant smell on Huo Qis body.

When he leaned over, Su Qing could smell it.

It should be some kind of perfume.

Su Qing wasnt sure, but she felt that her brain was fuzzy from this smell, because her heart was beating strangely.

At the mention of Su Qings ignorance, Huo Qi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

His road to wooing his wife was going to be very long and difficult!

When Kong Yue saw that Su Qing hadnt come out to meet them, she asked Su Rui to go over and take a look.

When Su Rui saw Huo Feng at the door, he felt that something was wrong.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw Huo Qi, who was standing very close to his sister.

The two of them looked a little intimate, so he immediately rushed over angrily!

Su Rui shielded Su Qing behind him and looked at Huo Qi.

He asked warily, “Huo Qi, what are you trying to do Im warning you, dont you dare do anything rash!”

Huo Qi looked at Su Rui and restrained his overly gentle aura.

He straightened his back and said slowly, “Second Young Master Su, what are you talking about What can I do to my future fiancée”

Huo Qis words sounded a little unreasonable to Su Rui, as though he was trying to taunt him!

Su Rui took a step forward, wanting to warn him again.

Everyone was afraid of Huo Qi, but he wasnt afraid.

He had to protect his precious sister.

He couldnt let a pig that he couldnt stand take advantage of his sister!

However, Su Qing grabbed his arm.

“Second Brother, lets go out.

Mommy will be anxious if we dont go out soon!” After Su Qing finished speaking, she glared at Huo Qi, throwing a warning in his direction.

“Can you not be so childish” Su Qing said to Huo Qi.

Huo Qi smiled faintly, and his eyes were filled with determination.

“I dont think pursuing the person you like is childish.”

Su Qing looked at Huo Qi in confusion and surprise.

“What did you say You like me”

Su Rui felt that the two of them were stuck in their own world! Hence, he listened to his instincts.

He pulled Su Qing over and hurriedly said, “Sister, lets go.

Dont waste your breath on him!”

Su Qing was pulled away by Su Rui.

When she reached the door, she even turned around to look at Huo Qi, her brows furrowed in confusion.

Huo Qi was extremely amused by her expression, and he couldnt pretend to be aloof anymore.

He smiled and sat back down on the chair that Su Qing had been sitting on.

Huo Feng walked in, and Huo Qi asked him, “Has the dean arrived”

“Yes, Young Master.

Hes already outside,” Huo Feng replied.

“Let him in,” Huo Qi instructed coldly.

When Dean Zhang received Huo Fengs call, he was already shocked.

Although the Huo family was one of the board members of Floyd, that was a secret not known to many.

It had been a long time since the Huo family had given any instructions to Floyd, so why was Huo Qi looking for him today

With an uneasy heart, Dean Zhang stood in front of Huo Qi.

He bowed slightly and said respectfully, “Young Master Huo.”


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