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If anyone found out that Su Qian was in the audience, the welcome party today would probably become his fan meeting.

The girl at the back seemed to have checked the program list.

She said, “Its Su Qing from the film department, singingSave The Last Dance For Me!”

“Su Qing Is she the illegitimate daughter of the Su family She actually has the cheek to perform on stage Has everyone seen the post on the schools forum”

“I did! It would be a pity not to read such exciting content!”

They chattered about the content of the post, which was all about Su Qings scandals.

The girls chatted incessantly about the numerous rumors, from Su Qing being the illegitimate daughter of the Su family, as well as Su Qings promiscuous nature and the other male students who had hooked up with her.

There were even rumors about Su Qing and Instructor Xing Lei!

Kong Yues face turned ashen when she heard this.

She was about to stand up and refute them when Su Xing grabbed her wrist.

He looked at Su Qian.

Did his brother know that Su Qings reputation in school was like this!

Su Qian glanced at Su Xing and shook his head slightly.

He didnt look too good either.

Why were these people so bored and gossiping endlessly

Su Rui couldnt take it anymore.

He suddenly stood up, turned around, and looked at the person behind him.

He said sternly, “Are you done Is the venue your bathroom Are you so interested in talking bad about your classmates If you have the time, you should read more books!”

Su Ruis aura was terrifying, and it stunned these girls.

One of the girls seemed to be a little angry.

When she thought of confronting Su Rui, she was quickly stopped by her companion.

“Are you crazy This is the God of Racing, Su Rui! Hes the second young master of the Su family!”

Hearing this, the girl cowered back.

Seeing that she didnt dare to speak anymore, Su Rui sat back down, his face still filled with anger.

Su Lu looked at his livid mother and comforted her, “Mom, dont be angry.

Lets watch Qingqings performance first.

Ill investigate this matter with Su Qian!”

While they were speaking, the lights on the stage slowly lit up.

The host started to introduce the next performance, and Su Qings performance was about to begin.

Kong Yue took a deep breath.

She didnt want to disrupt her mood while watching the performance because of other matters, so she instructed in a low voice, “Then you have to investigate this carefully.

Qingqing has only been in school for a few days, but there are already so many bad rumors about her.

This matter isnt simple!”

Su Zheng also frowned.

Although he couldnt stand Su Qing, she was still his daughter, and he was upset with the scandals too.

If Su Qing was really a shameless girl who seduced men, the Su family would really not tolerate her! He wouldnt allow anyone to tarnish the Su familys reputation.


Therefore, it was good to investigate the matter, lest Kong Yue said that he was slandering Su Qing in the future.


The host had finished hyping up the crowd.

The lights dimmed and slowly turned to a misty blue.

The fog slowly surged from the front of the stage, and the prelude to “Save The Last Dance For Me” slowly sounded.

Floyd University might not have taken this small welcome party seriously, but it wasnt that they were poor! On the contrary, the schools sound equipment and stage were excellent.

Therefore, when the light above Su Qings head shone down, everyone in the audience couldnt help but breathe lightly, as though they were afraid of disturbing the fairy on the stage.

As the lights lit up, Huo Qi saw Su Qing standing on the stage.

She was like an aloof and elegant white rose, so beautiful that he couldnt bear to blink.

It seemed like a huge regret to miss even a second of it!

Kong Yue looked at Su Qing on the stage and smiled tenderly.

Su Zhengs eyes lit up.

He knew that Su Qing had always been very beautiful.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have attracted Huo Qi so quickly.

However, Huo Qi was not as superficial as his future father-in-law thought.

He liked Su Qing not just because of her looks and figure.

Huo Qis eyes seemed to be glued to Su Qing.

Suddenly, he said regretfully, “What a pity.

I was still hoping to see her wearing QINGs gown today!”

Upon hearing this, Huo Feng restrained his urge to roll his eyes.

Oh well, this small welcome party wasnt worth Miss Su wearing such grand and luxurious clothes!


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