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Su Shui sneered before continuing, “Only incompetent people will be anxious to deny themselves before anything even starting.” His sentence was simply arrogant on this occasion.

Yet, even though he was the youngest person here, no one dared to underestimate him.

He indeed had the right to be arrogant.

The person-in-charge looked at him and smiled appreciatively.

As expected of the youngest dark horse from China.

His arrogance reminded him of his own youth.

“You make it sound so easy! Dont tell me you already have a strategy to deal with the changes in the rules”

“The difficulty this time is really too high.

None of us specialize in this aspect.

If we participate rashly, well probably lose to the people from Country M!”

“Why are you so cowardly If it were up to me, I would just do it.”

Everyone started arguing, and the commotion in the room began once more.

It mainly revolved around two topics: insulting the hackers from Country M, and suggestions on how they could resolve this matter.

“Hey! By the way, didnt Glamor, who is ranked third on the hacker rankings, participate in similar competitions in the past Perhaps he can do it!”

“Thats right! Now that you mention it, I remember now.

Didnt she even get first place back then She was way ahead of the second place!”

“One of you is addressing Glamor as him, and the other as her! Who is this Glamor Does anyone know who Glamor is!”

“No matter who he is, lets contact him first!”

At this point in the meeting, this seemed to be the only way.

The person in charge agreed to help look for her, but when he turned around, he realized that Ying had already disappeared.

The problem had been solved, and Su Shui didnt want to waste any more time inside.

He walked out of the Alliance Hall and was checking the real-time rankings of the world hackers on his phone.

The name Glamor was just below his.

He didnt stop walking.

He locked his phone screen and said the name softly, “Glamor, Mei!”

As he spoke, he suddenly smiled.

“Our names match!”

Charm (Mei) and Shadow (Ying) were indeed compatible.

Time passed in the blink of an eye, and Floyds freshmen welcoming party was about to begin.

Teacher Zhou was extremely busy backstage.

He was in charge of the program flow for the entire welcoming party, and he was so busy that he wished he could grow another pair of hands.

He hadnt had the time to slowly scrutinize the details of the items put up by the students in his class.

Fortunately, he still had Su Qing, his trump card, so he wasnt afraid that the entire show was going to be terrible.

Other than Su Shui, who was overseas, everyone else from the Su family was in the audience.

Kong Yue shook Su Zhengs hand excitedly.

“Its almost time for Qingqings performance!”

She turned around to look at Su Xing.

“Xing, have you set up your camera I dont want to hear you telling me that you didnt manage to record it!”

Su Xing pointed at the lit camera and smiled gently.

“Dont worry, Mommy.

Ill definitely be fine! Actually, its fine even if we dont record it.

Their school will have an official camera!”

“But I want to watch from two different angles!” Kong Yue said with a smile.

Su Qian looked at the stage that was being prepared and said sourly, “Mom, youre so biased.

I have so many performances, but why havent I seen you so excited before”

As he spoke, he looked at the LED banner in his second brothers hand and said, “Second Brother is also biased!”

Su Lu didnt prepare the overly conspicuous banner like Su Ruis.

He glanced at the beautiful rose in his assistants arms and smiled.

Su Zheng looked at his excited wife and sons and was a little speechless.

If not for the fact that Su Yan was performing today, he would not have participated in this childish and boring welcome party!

The street dance performance that had just ended was very ordinary, and the crowd was clearly unimpressed.

“What was that performance just now Their moves werent in sync from beginning to end!”

“I heard that the first-year students were taught a terrible lesson during the military training this time! Teacher Zhou originally didnt plan to hold this welcome party, so no one took the initiative to participate.

They were also unenthusiastic at rehearsals, so things ended up like this!”

“Sigh, its really getting worse every year!”

The discussions of the students fell into the ears of the Su family.

When Su Qian heard this, he nodded in agreement.

He felt that the comment was right.

The quality of the schools welcoming party was deteriorating year by year.

“Whats the next performance”

The girls at the back started chatting again.

The lights in the venue were very dim, so they didnt notice that the famous person sitting in front of them was Su Qian.


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