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Su Qing stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Su Yan menacingly.

“What did you say”

They were still at home, so Su Yan only dared to taunt her, but did not dare to do anything else.

She just glared at the two of them, then went back into the house.

Wu Mu looked at Su Qing in surprise.

“Youre letting her off just like that That b*tch Su Yan is really disgusting!”

Su Qing narrowed her eyes at Su Yans departing figure, her gaze as cold as ice.

“Let her be arrogant for now.

She wont have the last laugh.”

Kong Yue had heard the commotion in the front yard and walked out.

She had been preparing lunch in the kitchen for a while, and as soon as she came out, she saw the angry Su Yan, as well as Su Qing and Wu Mu behind her.

Kong Yue was a little puzzled. What was going on She looked at Su Qing walking over and asked, “Whats wrong Why was there a commotion just now”

Su Qing shook her head and smiled at Kong Yue.

“Its nothing, Mommy.

Lets go in.

Its hot outside.”

Wu Mu handed the things in her hand to the servant beside her and said to Kong Yue, “Its fine now, Auntie.


Huo was just here to give Qingqing a gift!”

“Which Mr.

Huo” Kong Yue reacted after asking.

Then, it dawned on her.

Apart from Huo Qi, who else could it be

She looked at Su Qing and frowned.

“Why did he give you a gift for no reason”

It was fine if he came, but he was actually so sneaky about it.

Was she so scary that he did not even dare to come in to give Su Qing the gift Thinking of this, Kong Yue stared at Su Qing.

“Could it be that hes still pestering you”

Su Qing was stunned.

She didnt know how to summarize Huo Qis actions.

It wasnt that she minded his visit, but she was just a little annoyed with him.

“No, Mommy.

Hes just here to deliver some other information.”

Kong Yue looked at her expression and realized that she didnt look conflicted or sad.

She was slightly relieved.

“Thats good.” Then, she said in a caring tone, “If theres anything you need, you must remember to tell Mommy and Daddy.

Well settle it for you, alright”

Su Qing looked at her and nodded slowly.

She thought to herself, Mommy, thats what you think, but Su Zheng might not feel the same way!

During lunch, only Su Qing and Wu Mu, who did not have classes today, accompanied Kong Yue.

Su Yan didnt even come down for lunch.

Kong Yue asked them to eat, then turned to Su Qing and said, “I just received a call from your fourth brother.

He said that his matters are almost settled, and hell be back in a week at most.

At that time, youll be able to meet the last of your five brothers!”

At the thought of her children being able to reunite, Kong Yue couldnt suppress the smile on her face.

She picked up some food for Su Qing and said with a smile, “Although your fourth brother, Su Shui, is a man of few words, hes the most considerate among your brothers! I believe you can also get along with him very well!”

Hearing Kong Yues words, Su Qing became curious about her fourth brother.

“Mommy, you said that her Fourth Brother doesnt speak much, but how does he compare to Third Brother”

Kong Yue had never thought about this question.

When she heard this, she was stunned for a moment before she suddenly laughed.

“You cheeky girl!”

As she spoke, she really started thinking seriously.

Two seconds later, she put on a serious expression and answered, “Its still your fourth brother who speaks less.

Your father and I arent quiet people.

I wonder who he takes after!”

The atmosphere at the dining table was very happy and relaxed.

When Wu Mu saw how well Kong Yue treated Su Qing, she was also happy.

She thought that when she returned to the Yuan family, she could give her masters a good report!

At the International Hacker Alliance in Country M.

Su Shui was wearing a gray hoodie, and only his thin lips and well-defined chin could be seen.

He had been sitting in the hall and listening to this group of top hackers arguing about the Alliances competition for an hour now.

The Hacker Alliances competition was held once a year, and the content of each years competition was roughly the same.

However, a new rule had been set this year, and everyone was caught off guard by this change, so they started arguing.

“Ying, tell us your opinion!” The person in charge of the Alliance competition looked at everyones argument and felt a little helpless.

When he read this Chinese word, his pronunciation was still a little stiff!

“Ying” was Su Su Shuis alias on the hacker rankings.

He was a legend among hackers, but he had yet to express his opinion on the changes in the competition.

Su Shui turned the ring on his finger and in a cold and hoarse voice, sounding very fluent and sexy, he said in fluent English, “The Alliance naturally has deeper considerations for changing the rules.”


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