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Wu Mu leaned back into her chair and made anok gesture at Su Qing.

She picked up the fruit on the table with her right hand and took a bite before saying casually, “The latest Rolls-Royce parked outside your house belongs to one of your brothers That car is really cool.

My father has been eyeing it for a month, but he still couldnt get it!”

Su Qing looked up at Wu Mu suspiciously and asked, “Which model is it Whats the license plate number”

“Its the latest limited edition model, according to their official website.

I didnt notice the license plate number though,” Wu Mu said.

Her mother hadnt mentioned anyone who bought a new car recently.

Who could it be 

Su Qing thought for a moment and asked, “Was it already at the entrance when you came”

When Wu Mu saw Su Qings serious expression, she felt that something was wrong.

She slowly sat up straight and nodded.

“Yes, it was already there when I came.

Its been almost an hour!”

Su Qing felt a little strange.

She stopped what she was doing and stood up.

“Lets go down and take a look.”

Outside the Su familys house, Huo Feng, who was sitting in the drivers seat, moved his stiff neck slightly and asked Huo Qi, who was sitting behind, “Young Master, are we just going to wait here If you want to see Miss Su, I can just go in and request an audience.”

Huo Qi leaned back in the comfortable car seat and supported his smooth and sculpted jaw with his right hand.

He was resting his eyes when he heard Huo Fengs words.

He said calmly, “Whats the hurry We dont have any other plans today.

Instead of going home to listen to the old mans nagging, we might as well find a quiet place to relax.”

So, the quiet place that Young Master found was at the entrance of your fiancées house Huo Feng complained softly in his heart.

He was too embarrassed to expose his young master.

Their young master had come prepared; he had personally prepared a gift for her, and it was sitting in the trunk.

After Huo Qi finished speaking, he ignored Huo Feng and thought about the call Xing Lei made yesterday.

Su Yans action of reporting Su Qing made Xing Lei wary.

After he returned, he got someone to investigate Su Yan and connected the dots.

He finally understood what this adopted daughter of the Su family was thinking.

Su Yan was jealous of Su Qing, the legitimate daughter who had just returned to the Su family, and had secretly caused trouble for Su Qing.

Of course, Su Qing wasnt someone who would suffer in secret.

She definitely had ways to retaliate against Su Yan.

However, Xing Lei felt that since this matter had been brought up to him, he couldnt ignore it.

After all, Su Qing was his buddys fiancée.

How could he let an adopted daughter who didnt know her place bully her

Therefore, Xing Lei handed all the information he had investigated to Huo Qi.

As for what to do next, it was up to Huo Qi.

Huo Qi was still deep in thought when he suddenly heard Huo Fengs voice.

“Young Master! Miss Su is here!”

Huo Qi opened his eyes and saw Su Qing through the window.

He swiftly opened the car door and got out.

When Su Qing walked over, he was already standing under the sun with a smile on his face.

“Is this a sign that were telepathic”

Ignoring Huo Qis teasing, Su Qing frowned slightly and asked, “What are you doing here What are you up to again”

Wu Mu stood behind Su Qing and glanced at Huo Qi, feeling a little puzzled.

The person who had been waiting at the entrance of the Su residence was Huo Qi

As the head of the Huo family, the powerful family in the underworld, why did he treat Qingqing so differently Could it be that he really liked her

Otherwise, how could she explain Huo Qis actions A dignified triad overlord was actually guarding someone elses door obediently This was too strange!

Wu Mu thought about many things.

She turned to look at the impatient Su Qing and suddenly felt that she was acting a little strange too.

Usually, when Su Qing faced people she didnt like or didnt care about, she would only be indifferent.

Now, she was actually showing her emotions.

These two people were a little strange!

Huo Qi explained, “I wanted to see you.

Do you have time I have something to speak to you about.” He didnt seem upset about Su Qings impatience with him.

The man was almost 1.9 meters tall.

He had a slender waist, long legs, and a muscular torso.

He had an amazing build, and his usually aloof face became cheerful and even more handsome under the bright sun.

Su Qing had to admit that this mans looks were to her liking.

After all, she admired anyone who was good-looking.


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