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Sang Ning was a good friend she had met when she was racing in the past.

He was a racer in the Qingbao Racing Team, and loved to hang out with her.


“Sister Qing, I heard from Mu Zi that youre in the capital” He continued in a pleading voice, “I need your help! Its an emergency, a life-saving matter!”

Mu Zi sold her out again Fine, she was already used to it.

She replied calmly, “Are you going to tell me or not If not, Im hanging up.”

Sang Nings humbling voice sounded, “Ill speak! Ill speak! Sister Qing, its something that Ive said to you before.

Remember that I invited you previously to represent our team in the race against Yinshan Have you considered it”


Su Qing said calmly, “Im not considering it.”

“Sister Qing, Sister Qing, come on! Youll be saving my wretched life if you join!” Sang Ning cried and said anxiously, “Ill pay you five times the price of your previous fee! Will that do, Sister Qing Please, Im begging you!”

Hearing this, Su Qings expression changed.

Five times was indeed a lot, and she felt bored staying at home.

“Send me the address and time,” she said.

Sang Ning was overjoyed.

“Sister Qing, you finally agreed! Youre my savior! Ill send it over immediately.

Do you want me to send someone to pick you up”

Glancing at the address and time, Su Qing said calmly, “Theres no need.

Its tonight”

“Thats right, Sister Qing.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have dared to call you so many times!” Sang Ning said honestly.

It was such a short notice, so they had no way but to keep on calling her.

“Got it.

Ill be there.” After saying this, Su Qing hung up.

Su Qing felt really bored staying in the room, hence she took out the book that her master had given her.

This was the most precious book of the Yuan family, a medical family which had been around for close to a hundred years.

Kong Yue knocked lightly on her door.

“Qingqing, are you asleep Mommy has heated a glass of milk for you.

Can I come in”

Su Qing looked up and quickly put the book away.

“Come in.”

She took the milk from Kong Yue and took a few sips.

Noticing that Kong Yue was staring at her, she asked, “Whats the matter”

“I just wanted to tell you not to be angry at your brothers.

Theyre all busy with their own things, and didnt mean to neglect you.”

“Your second brother is actually in the city.

Its just that he has a very important competition to prepare for in the racing league that he manages, and he hasnt returned for a week,” Kong Yue explained to Su Qing.

She didnt want Su Qing to feel that the family treated her badly because of this small matter.

Su Qing looked at her and asked slowly after a while, “What competition”

It shouldnt be that coincidental, right


Seeing that she was interested, Kong Yue smiled and said, “The Yinshan Racing Team that he established has a competition tonight in the suburbs.

In the future, let him bring you there to take a look.

He has won countless awards internationally.”


What a coincidence.

Wasnt this the competitor group that Sang Ning had mentioned

Su Qing lowered her head and thought for a moment.

Anyway, her second brother had never seen her before.

She just had to be careful not to let him see her during the competition.

There was no reason why she should avoid earning so much money.

In front of strangers, she didnt like to, neither was she used to revealing everything about herself.

Kong Yue looked at her thoughtful expression and was a little worried.

“Qingqing, are you angry”

Su Qing looked up at her.

Seeing how carefully Kong Yue was taking care of her, she smiled, “Im not that petty.

This is just a small matter.

You dont have to take it to heart.”

Kong Yue looked at her faint smile and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.

Rest well then.

If theres anything, you can look for me in my room!”

Su Qing looked at her and nodded slowly.

At night, Su Qing walked out of the Su Mansion alone.

The security guard at the entrance knew that she was the Sixth Young Miss who had just returned today, so he didnt dare to ask further.


When Su Qing went out, she didnt notice that the lights in Su Yans room were still on.

The latter tailed Su Qing and watched her walk out of the door, her eyes filled with malice.

She thought that Su Qing was a difficult character, but it turned out that she was so impatient.


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