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Su Yan had said that to stop Su Zheng.

She didnt want Su Zheng to go over and argue with Su Qing now, or her lies would be exposed!

The best way was to let Su Zheng build up his dissatisfaction and disgust towards Su Qing.

When Su Zheng was unable to tolerate it anymore, it would probably be impossible for Su Qing to remain in the Su family again.

However, when Su Yan saw Su Zhengs serious expression, she had another idea.

She suggested to Su Zheng, “Daddy, didnt Grandma used to have a helper who can do etiquette training We can ask Grandma to loan her to us!”

“You mean Auntie Liu from the old mansion” Su Zheng asked uncertainly.

Su Yan nodded.

“Auntie Liu has been with Grandma for a long time.

She would know how to teach Su Qing manners.

When I met her once in the past, I already felt that Auntie Liu was very capable! If she could teach Su Qing, you wouldnt have to worry anymore!”

Su Zheng thought about it, and felt that it was a feasible solution.

Auntie Liu was not a simple person.

Back then, Kong Yue had suffered a lot under her hands.

She was experienced, so she should be more than enough to deal with Su Qing.

Su Zhengs mood slowly improved.

He looked at Su Yan and said happily, “This is a good idea! Its best to get someone to teach Su Qing! Ill go to the old mansion in a few days to tell your grandmother about this.

Yaner, youve really helped me a lot!”

Su Yan smiled obediently and didnt say anything else.

She was happy at Su Qings imminent misfortune.

Su Qing, who was left in the living room by Kong Yue, didnt know that Su Yan and Su Zheng had already planned to get her into trouble in such a short period of time.

Kong Yue insisted that Su Qing accompany her to watch television.

Recently, Su Qians idol drama was being broadcasted, and Kong Yue would catch it every day without fail.

Looking at the handsome Su Qian on television, Su Qing asked curiously, “Is Fifth Brother the male lead of this drama”

Kong Yue was stunned for a moment before explaining, “No, your fifth brother is just the second male lead!”

Su Qing nodded, before telling Kong Yue, “Fifth Brother is much more outstanding than the male lead.

How did this director choose his actors The male lead is definitely inferior!”

This was a compliment to Su Qian, and he was overjoyed.

When he joined the cast, he already felt that the director wasnt good at selecting people.

He had completely suppressed the male lead, so much so that many viewers felt that it was awkward!

Su Qing had only watched a few scenes, but she could already tell that this was a problem.

She was really talented.

It was no wonder that she chose to study film.

At the thought of this, Su Qian glanced at Su Qings face and said with a smile, “Su Qing, why dont you join me in acting too Youre so good-looking.

Itll be a pity if you dont act!”

Su Qing looked at him.

“Oh Do you have a good movie script” Su Qing was very interested in movies.

Su Qian had been in the entertainment industry for many years, so it was normal for him to have some good resources.

“A movie I didnt expect you to have such high expectations for your starting point! Alright, I promise you this.

Ill ask my manager to choose one meticulously,” Su Qian replied seriously after some thought.

At night, Su Qing took a shower and went to the balcony with her phone.

The coolness of the summer night was refreshing.

Su Qing turned on the audio player on her phone.

She still had to listen to the song she had practiced today a few more times.

Although Teacher Zhou had said that there was no problem with her vocals, she was someone who had high expectations of herself.

She felt that she could do better.

“Save The Last Dance For Me” began to play on her phone.

Against the evening breeze, Su Qing began to sing softly.

The balconies on the second floor were not far apart, and Su Lu was really sitting on the balcony with his laptop.

When he heard Su Qings voice, he put down his laptop and slowly walked over.

The song ended.

Su Qing closed her eyes and leaned against the balcony for a long time.

Su Lu turned to look at her and asked softly, “Is this the song youre going to sing on the show”

Su Qing opened her eyes and realized that it was Su Lu.

She stood up straight and nodded.

“Yes, Third Brother.”

“Arrange a seat near the front for me so that I can send you flowers,” Su Lu said with a smile.

Su Qing glanced at Su Lu and lowered her head with a smile.

“Third Brother, youre really honest, but theres no surprise now that youre telling me this.”


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