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Su Yan looked up at him and quickly composed herself.

Tears streamed down her face as she cried, “Daddy, you dont know this, but I didnt see my sister during the military training! I thought that something had happened to her, and I was worried about her! I even went to ask the instructors about her condition! In the end… In the end, I was the only one who didnt know what all of you knew!”

Su Yans eyes were red from crying, as though she had suffered a huge grievance.

“After all, Im an outsider in this family! All of you dont treat me as family.”

How could Su Zheng bear to see his precious adopted daughter looking so sad He quickly comforted her sympathetically, “What are you talking about Youre the daughter of the Su family, and you will be for the rest of your life! Daddy will always standing behind you, so dont be sad.”

When Su Yan heard this, she wiped her tears and looked up.

She said softly, “I know that you dote on me, Daddy.” As she spoke, she even choked, making her look even more aggrieved and pitiful.

“Actually, I was there when Su Qingfought with Tian Xin and the others that day.”

Su Yan held a tissue in her hand as her mind raced.

She was thinking about how to make this story more believable so that her father would believe her.

“It was Su Qings fault in the first place.

She was arrogant and wanted to snatch Tian Xins things, but Tian Xin and the others refused, so they fought with her! My sister relied on her and her friends skills to beat all of them up! I wanted to go up and stop her, but she was so fierce, as though she was a different person.

I was afraid, so I didnt go up!”

As Su Yan spoke, she lowered her head in shame.

“Its my fault.

I didnt guide my sister well, and allowed her to embarrass the Su family outside.”


When Su Zheng heard Su Yans words, he asked curiously, “Then why didnt the instructor in charge of your military training care about this matter Why did he send Tian Xin and the others back to school instead Isnt he just distorting the truth”

“This is also what I find strange.” As Su Yan spoke, she slowly lowered her head, as though she was deep in thought.

“Daddy!” Suddenly, Su Yan looked up again and asked anxiously, as if she had thought of something, “You said that our head coach, Lieutenant General Xing Lei, personally invited her Shes just a little girl.

Even if shes skilled, how could she be so favored by Xing Lei This kind of closeness is too strange!” Her words were all to mislead Su Zheng into misunderstanding the relationship between Su Qing and Xing Lei.

Su Zhengs expression turned cold, and he said seriously, “Do you mean that Su Qing has hooked up with Xing Lei Thats why Xing Lei helped her deal with Tian Xin and the others”

Su Yan looked at Su Zheng and didnt say anything else.

It would be too obvious if she did, and she was afraid that it would backfire.

However, her eyes had already given Su Zheng an affirmative answer.

Su Zheng was certain in his heart.

He was so angry that his face was red, and his hands were trembling.

He suddenly stood up and shouted, “This vile creature! I really didnt expect her to do such a thing! Is she trying to ruin the Su familys reputation Shes so immoral and dirty-minded.

How is she worthy of being my daughter! I have to teach her a lesson!”

As Su Zheng spoke, he was already walking out.

He wanted to pull Su Qing over and teach her a lesson.

Su Yan quickly stood up and reached out to pull Su Zheng back.

She quickly said, “Daddy, wait a minute.

Calm down! We need to think about this matter slowly.

Its useless for you to go out and scold her now! You know how stubborn Su Qing is.

She wont care about what you say!”

Su Zheng took a deep breath and stopped in his tracks.

He looked at Su Yan and said angrily, “Then what should I do Im her father.

Cant I control her”

Su Yan patted Su Zhengs back and said slowly, “Daddy, dont be anxious! Although Su Qing is in the wrong, shes still young.

You can just teach her slowly! My sister will marry into the Huo family in the future.

For her own good, you have to discipline her well.

Otherwise, she will cause trouble in the Huo family in the future and implicate our Su family.”

Su Zheng took Su Yans words to heart.

She was right.

If Su Qing didnt correct her personality, she would be in big trouble in the future.

Su Zheng slowly sat back in his chair.

He clenched his right hand and began to think about what he should do to discipline this impudent daughter of his.


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