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Su Rui said proudly, “Of course.

She likes me the most.”

A smile appeared on Su Qians lips, as though he was up to no good.

“Then lets wait and see.

In the future, Qingqings favorite brother will definitely be me!”

At this moment, the two men were like children arguing over who their sister liked more.

They were so childish that they were cute.

Su Xing and Su Lu looked at each other, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at this sight.

Su Qing chatted with Kong Yue at the side, as though she didnt hear her two brothers argument.

Kong Yue smiled and asked Su Qing, “Did something happen at school today How do you plan to deal with the girl who harmed you Shes so vicious at such a young age.

We have to teach her a lesson.

We cant let her off so easily!”

Su Qing chuckled and thought for a moment before saying, “I went to school to discuss preparations for the freshmen welcoming party.

Mommy, you should go too! Ill sing for you.”

Kong Yue was pleasantly surprised and quickly replied, “Sure! Mommy will go and listen to you sing.

What song are you going to sing Is your costume ready Is there anything I can help you with”

When Kong Yue heard that her precious daughter was going on stage to perform, she was so happy that she asked a lot of questions.

She didnt even notice that Su Qing didnt answer her.

As for Tian Xins punishment, Huo Qi didnt interfere because it was Xing Leis duty.

However, he did ask Huo Feng to pass a message to Floyd Universitys Dean.

Floyds handling of Tian Xins matter was still suppressed in the principals office, waiting to be announced when school started! Tian Xin and her companions had used the military training to hire thugs to beat up their classmates, which was a serious violation of school rules.

As such, Tian Xin was expelled, and her other companions were punished severely.

Su Qing knew about it too, but she wanted to tell Kong Yue after the school issued the notice.

In the study.

Su Yan sat down opposite Su Zheng and asked in confusion, “Daddy, what do you want to ask”

Su Zheng looked at Su Yan and frowned.

“I want to hear from you what Su Qing is like in school.

I dont believe what she said, and I think you wont be fooled by her like her silly brothers!”

He continued, “Tell me, did she really receive an invitation from your coach, and was exempted the military training this time Is there anything else she has done Also, tell Daddy everything you know about Tian Xin!”

When Su Yan heard Su Zhengs words at first, she was happy.

She was still worried about how to cause trouble for Su Qing, but now, her father was the one who took the initiative to ask her.

If her father trusted her, he would believe whatever she said, right

However, she was stunned when she heard the second part of his remarks.

Su Yan gulped and stammered, “Daddy, you already know that Su Qing didnt participate in the military training”

Su Zheng actually knew that Su Qing didnt participate in the military training What did this have to do with Xing Lei What invitation Why didnt she understand what he was saying

Looking at Su Yans strange expression, Su Zhengs doubts deepened.

“Didnt you know Shes been staying at home for the past two days.”

Su Yan was stunned!

She had made a huge mistake! She thought that Su Qings absence from the military training was something she could use against her, but she didnt expect her family to know about this! Moreover, she didnt know about Xing Leis invitation.

She was kept in the dark, but she was still smug about it!

If so, wasnt she a fool for reporting this to Xing Lei today

Su Yan thought that she was smart enough to control Su Qing, but she didnt expect herself to be the biggest fool of them all.

She finally understood the weird reaction Xing Lei had.

Wasnt he looking at her like she was a fool!

Su Yan felt that she had been fooled by Su Qing, and her face flushed red with anger.

She quickly asked Su Zheng a few questions before she understood what was going on.

Su Qings skills had impressed Xing Lei sp much that she had actually gone to train new recruits for him over the past two days!

Su Yan was so jealous that she was about to explode.

Who was Xing Lei He was an important figure in the country.

How could such a person admire a slut from the slums This was too unfair.

Su Zheng looked at Su Yan and quickly asked, “Whats wrong Why do you look like youre about to cry”


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