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At the Su residence.

Tonights dinner was very sumptuous.

Kong Yue was celebrating the end of the military training for Su Qing.

Of course, it was also for Su Yan.

Unlike Su Zheng, Kong Yues favoritism towards Su Qing was obvious.

The delicious food was right in front of Su Rui, but he could not start eating.

This was a torture for him.

He had been training the entire day, and he was starving.

He felt that even if there was a cow in front of him, he would be able to finish it.

On the other hand, Su Xing and Su Lu were not in a hurry.

Su Yan, who was at the side, was becoming increasingly dissatisfied.

When did the Su familys rules change It was Su Qings fault for coming back late.

Why should everyone sit around and wait for her

Of course, Su Yan wouldnt say her grievances out loud.

This was very different from her image as a kind and understanding person.

She couldnt do this.

There would naturally be other people who would speak up anyway.

Su Zheng looked at the time and said impatiently, “Why are we waiting for her Let everyone eat first.

If we wait any longer, the dishes will be cold.

Why must we indulge in her rotten habits”

Su Rui glanced at Su Zheng and said, “These are Qingqings favorite dishes.

Lets just wait for her!”

Su Xing also said, “Thats right.

Lets wait.

Im not very hungry today.”

Kong Yue smiled and said, “Su Qian just sent me a message.

He said that theyll be here soon! Lets wait a little longer.”

Su Lu nodded silently and added, “Mom, since they are on the way, stop hurrying them.

Its not safe.”

When Kong Yue heard Su Lus words, she slowly put down her phone.

She was afraid that Su Zheng would flare up at Su Qing again, but fortunately, her three sons were all speaking up for her.

When Su Zheng heard that Su Qian was with her, his expression softened.

He picked up the newspaper beside him and started reading.

Su Yan secretly got angrier.

Su Qing was really going against her at every turn.

When she was in school today, she didnt eat anything because she was feeling unwell.

She had been waiting for this meal for the whole day, and she was already starving!

Moreover, why was everyone protecting her Didnt Su Qian dislike Su Qing a few days ago Why was he with her now He even specially drove over to pick her up

Although Su Qian was an arrogant person, he was not easy to get close to.

The distance was something that Su Yan had not been able to patch for so many years.

How did Su Qing manage to make Su Qian break the ice in just a few days She was really capable!

Su Yan thought about this and almost broke her gentle and understanding mask.

What she didnt know was that in the short two days of military training, many things had happened at home.

Su Qing and Su Qian didnt make them wait for a long time.

Su Qians driving skills were not bad, and they only took fifteen minutes to return home.

When they finally arrived, Su Rui picked up his chopsticks happily, and everyone started eating.

Su Zheng put down the newspaper in his hand and glared at Su Qing coldly.

When he saw his youngest son, Su Qian, sitting beside him, he mercifully let her off.

When he had the chance another day, he would definitely reprimand Su Qing about her bad habits.

Oh, right, he also had to ask Su Yan about Tian Xin.

Su Zheng was having all these thoughts in his mind, and he didnt even finish his meal before leaving the table.

It wasnt good for Su Yan to act rashly at the dining table, but she kept staring at Su Qing with a sinister gaze.

She had already instructed Xiao Yu to release Su Qings scandal later in the night.

She believed that after a night of buildup, they would be able to see an even more exciting show tomorrow.

After dinner, Su Yan wanted to go back to her room to rest.

When she passed by the study on the first floor, Su Zheng called her softly, “Xiao Yan, come over.

Daddy has something to ask you.”

Separately, Su Rui also grabbed Su Qians arm and asked with a smile, “Have you made up with Qingqing”

Su Qian nodded and rubbed his nose sheepishly.

“Ive apologized to her, and she said that she would forgive me.

I realized that shes quite easy to coax.”

Su Rui suddenly patted his shoulder and laughed loudly.

“Thats right.

Our sister isnt a petty person! As long as you treat her sincerely, she will respond to you in the same way.

Shes the simplest and purest person, like a little angel.”

Su Ruis expression made it seem like he was already Su Qings diplomatic spokesperson.

When Su Qian saw this, he asked disdainfully, “Is Qingqing closest to you now”


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