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Su Qian was shocked by Su Qings resistance.

He quickly explained, “Alright, I wont touch you! But at least give me a chance to explain!”

Su Qing glanced at Su Qian, who was blocking her way, and said irritably, “Then hurry up and say your piece.”

Su Qian took a deep breath, as though he had made a huge decision.

He said, “It was indeed my fault for causing you to be scolded by Daddy yesterday.

It was my fault! I apologize to you! Im not here to fight with you today.

Those fans are not in their right minds.

Its not that I didnt warn them, but they didnt listen to me!”

Su Qian looked down at Su Qing and continued, “I also heard from my mother that Tian Xin hired thugs to ambush you.

Shes simply crazy! Im not on the side of others.

Im on your side…”

He looked at Su Qing and carefully observed her expression.

“I know my mistake.

Can you forgive me, My good sister”

When Su Qing heard Su Qians words, she roughly understood what he meant.

Su Qian was really born to be a celebrity.

How could anyone tolerate such a handsome man looking at her with such deep love

Anyway, Su Qing was caught off guard.

She softened her expression and asked softly, “Are you really sorry”

Su Qian was about to go crazy.

He was already so sincere, but Su Qing still refused to believe him! When had he ever apologized to anyone He even apologized so sincerely! If Zhang Ke and the others found out about this, they would definitely laugh at him!

“Im serious about it,” Su Qian added.

Su Qing glanced at him for a long time before saying, “Seeing how sincere you are, Ill forgive you this time.”

Su Qing wasnt a petty person to begin with.

She wouldnt hold grudges.

Besides, she didnt have the mood to do so! Since she said that she would forgive Su Qian, she wouldnt fuss over this matter anymore.

Su Qian was stunned when he heard Su Qings words.

That was it She was letting him off just like that Was this sister so easy to coax

Looking at Su Qings departing figure, he quickly chased after her.

“Are you serious Youre forgiving me just like that”

Su Qing rolled her eyes at him without saying anything.

At this moment, Su Qian suddenly seemed to be enlightened.

He understood the meaning in Su Qings eyes, which was, Dont disturb me.

Get lost.

He felt a little strange, but he was clearly happy.

If Su Rui was here, he would have said that this was the awakening of the Su brothers genes, which was for them to dote on their younger sister! However, Su Rui was not here.

He was waiting at home hungrily for his “obedient brother and sister” to come home for dinner!

Kong Yue had said that everyone was not allowed to eat.

The sky was already dark, but Su Qians heart was still bright.

He smiled and followed behind Su Qing, trying to find a topic to talk about.

“Sister, why are you walking so quickly”

“Im in a hurry to go home for dinner,” Su Qing said calmly as she stopped outside the elevator.

“Oh right, its getting late.

Mommy must be waiting anxiously for us! Lets go back quickly.

My car is downstairs.

Ill drive you back!” Su Qian said.

The elevator arrived and Su Qing walked in.

She took out her phone and was about to send a message to the driver when she said without looking up, “Theres no need.

The driver is waiting for me.”

Su Qian rubbed his fingers and said guiltily, “But Ive already asked him to go back first…”

Su Qing looked up at him and narrowed her eyes.

So, Su Qian still had a backup plan! If she hadnt agreed to his apology just now, would she have to walk back home today

“Youre really shrewd!” Su Qing said sarcastically.

Su Qian smiled and blinked slyly.

“You can also call it meticulous planning! Hahaha!” As he spoke, he laughed loudly, as though he had discovered something extremely funny.

Su Qing felt that it was over.

Her fifth brother seemed to have become a fool!

She glanced at Su Qian speechlessly, feeling a little tired.

Su Qian, where was your previous coldness and uninhibitedness Could someone return her attractive brother to her

In the end, Su Qing still sat in Su Qians passenger seat.

Su Qian was still recommending the pear juice in his hand to Su Qing, advising her earnestly that it was good stuff, and that drinking it would do wonders for her throat.

What the siblings, who were in a harmonious mood, didnt realize, was that another other pair of eyes was monitoring their interactions!


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