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When Su Zheng saw that his daughter was so obedient, sensible, and understanding, his heart ached even more.

He said sympathetically, “I know that youre the most sensible, Yaner, but how can you be fine in this state If you ask me, theres really no need for your school to continue with the military training.

Isnt this just making you suffer Im going to give your principal a call about this matter.”

At this moment, Su Yan finally felt some sincerity.

She looked at Su Zheng, who cared about her, and felt a trace of warmth in her heart.

Even if others felt that she no longer had a place in this family, her father would always protect and love her.

This was exactly what Su Qing couldnt get.

At the thought of this, Su Yan felt much better.

Kong Yue also looked at her worriedly.

After all, she was a girl, and Kong Yue couldnt bear to see her in this state.

Within ten minutes, the doctor arrived.

Kong Yue felt a little uncomfortable when she saw how close Su Yan and Su Zheng were.

She pointed at the doctor standing at the side and said, “Alright, alright, stop crying! Let the doctor take a closer look at your injuries.”

She glanced at Su Zheng.

His worried expression was really different from yesterday! It seemed like he really didnt know who his biological daughter was.

The family doctor checked her injuries and said to Su Zheng, “Young Misss injuries are just superficial.

They look very serious, but shell be fine after applying some anti-inflammatory and painkillers.”

When Kong Yue heard the doctors words, she slowly heaved a sigh of relief.

When she heard Su Yans words just now, she thought that she was really seriously injured!

“Its good that youre fine.

Hurry up and come over to eat, then go and have a good rest after that.” As Kong Yue spoke, she got the servants to call the young masters down to eat.

Looking at the time, Kong Yue said in confusion, “Qingqing said that she had something to deal with at school.

Why isnt she back yet And Su Qian, why isnt he excited about dinner”

Floyd University.

After the military training ended, it was time for the freshmen welcome party.

Su Qing had been forced by her teacher, Teacher Zhou, to perform a song, and was dragged into school to practice!

Initially, Su Qing wasnt interested in performing, but she couldnt resist Teacher Zhous incessant pestering! In Teacher Zhous words, she was such a good performer, how could she not perform

Teacher Zhou was Floyds best vocal teacher.

After listening to Su Qing sing “Save The Last Dance For Me”, he immediately stood up and applauded her.

He said in admiration, “Su Qing, youre really too strong! I think its already perfect.

You dont have to train anymore!”

When Su Qing heard this, she felt her mood finally improve.

She chuckled.

“Its getting late.

I have to go back first.”

Teacher Zhou made an OK gesture at her and said, “Ill follow-up with the dancers.”

Su Qing nodded indifferently and thought to herself, Youre supposed to be responsible for it anyway.

It was almost seven oclock, and the sky was slowly darkening.

Su Qian leaned against the corridor railing at the entrance of Su Qings training room.

He still had a black mask hanging by his ear, and a black baseball cap on his head.

He was playing with a bottle of drink in his hand, and his broad shoulders and narrow waist made him look very good.

He looked just like the model on a fashion magazine cover.

When Su Qing saw this scene, she was a little happy, but when she realized it was Su Qians face, her excitement waned.

Was Su Qian here toavenge her fans

Su Qian turned his head and saw her.

He stood up straight and slowly walked over.

“Singing is tiring for your throat.

Drink this pear juice! This is what I usually drink.

Its especially good for protecting my throat.”

Su Qing looked up at him in confusion, but she only saw the anticipation in his eyes.

She raised her voice and asked, “Did you poison it”

Su Qian looked at her helplessly.

“If I wanted to poison you, why would I go through so much trouble to buy you my favorite drink”

As a popular celebrity in the industry, Su Qian naturally had some tricks to protect his throat or body.

He really knew that he was wrong this time, so he rushed over to apologize to Su Qing!

“Then are you trying to avenge your fans Go away.

Im not free today,” Su Qing said as she walked around Su Qian.

Su Qian was stunned and quickly went forward to hold Su Qings hand.

Su Qing didnt like to be touched, so she broke away from his hold.


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