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Su Yan and her teammates sat together in a sorry state.

There was no longer a good spot on their bodies.

Su Yan looked at Wu Mu from afar.

Yuan Yang and her looked the most presentable among the new students.

They didnt have any wounds on their bodies, nor did they feel tired or weak.

Su Yan gritted her teeth in hatred.

She wasnt stupid.

The reason why they were in such a sorry state today was probably because of Wu Mu and Yuan Yang!

Su Yan made up her mind, and her eyes flashed with hatred.

She raised her hand to Xing Lei and slowly stood up.

“Head Instructor! I have something very important to report to you.

Can I have a moment with you”

Xing Lei didnt recognize Su Yan, but looking at her serious expression, he really thought that she had something to say, so he gestured for his adjutant to bring her over.

Xing Lei got off the rock and looked at Su Yan, who was led over by his adjutant, and asked, “What do you want to report”

Su Yans expression was very serious.

She took a step forward and said to Xing Lei in a low voice, “I want to report a person who escaped military training without permission, bullied other students with her companions, and ignored the school rules and military training rules.”

Xing Lei was a little surprised.

“Who is it”

Su Yans gaze turned cold as she said to Xing Lei, “Shes in the first class of the Film Department.

Her name is Su Qing.”

Xing Lei was stunned, thinking that he had heard wrongly.

He quickly asked, “Can you repeat the name again”

“Su Qing! Her companions, Wu Mu and Yuan Yang, relied on their physical fitness to bully their classmates in the mountains.

They have caused a lot of trouble for my teammates and me along the way.

The purpose of the military training was to train our physical fitness and the unity of our classmates, but Su Qing has really gone overboard by instructing her companions to do this! I hope you can teach her a lesson.”

Su Yan blamed everything on Su Qing and her two friends, as though her teammates and her were the ones who were bullied.

In terms of distorting the truth, she was the best.

However, she never expected that Su Qing was invited by the head coach himself to leave the training.

Su Qing hadnt been here for the past two days.

How could she have instructed her companions to bully others

Xing Lei looked at Su Yan for a long time.

He felt that this students words were directed at Su Qing.

He kept a lookout and asked in a low voice, “Do you have conclusive evidence to prove what you said”

At the mention of evidence, Su Yan was stunned.

This was because Wu Mu and Yuan Yang didnt leave any evidence for them.

She said that Su Qing had left the team on her own accord because she hadnt seen Su Qing for two days now.

This was all her conjuncture, but she couldnt say this to Xing Lei.

She thought for a moment and explained anxiously, “My teammates can testify for me! Su Qing hasnt appeared at the foot of the mountain yet.

Doesnt that mean something”

Xing Lei glanced at her and said after a long while, “I understand.

You can go back first.”

Su Yan was a little puzzled by Xing Leis reaction.

Would ordinary instructors and teachers react so calmly when they heard that such a student existed They would probably have already gotten someone to capture Su Qing and interrogate her.

This Xing Lei was really strange!

The aura around Xing Lei was very powerful, and it was clear that he was not keen on talking further.

When Su Yan saw this, she didnt say anything else, and simply turned around and left.

She also planned to spread the news online when she returned to school.

She wasnt afraid that Su Qings reputation would be ruined!

When Su Yan returned home, it was already past seven.

When Kong Yue saw her injured appearance, she was stunned.

She asked in surprise, “What happened to you Why are you so seriously injured”

Su Yan looked at Kong Yue and Su Zheng with an aggrieved expression, and her tears fell.

“Daddy, Mommy! I managed to survive and come back to see you!”

Su Zhengs heart ached terribly.

He quickly went forward to hold her arm and asked anxiously, “Aiyo! Whats going on Does it hurt” As he spoke, he quickly turned around and instructed the servants, “Uncle Zhang, quickly get a doctor to take a look at Yanyan.”

Uncle Zhang acknowledged his instructions and walked out quickly.

Su Yans eyes were watery and sparkling.

Coupled with the few slight abrasions on her face, she looked so pitiful that Su Zheng became even more worried.

“Im fine, Daddy.

Its just some minor injuries I suffered during training.

When I returned to school, the school doctor had already treated them,” Su Yan said softly.


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