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Su Zheng, who had returned to the study alone, sat on the chair with a cold expression.

After taking a deep breath, he began to wonder, when did his eldest and second sons start protecting Su Qing like this They only knew how to speak up for this brat, and even dared to contradict him, their father! Su Qian was also like a mute, not saying anything at all!

It seemed no one in this family was on his side anymore.

They were all bewitched by Su Qing and only knew how to protect her.

At the thought of this, he felt a little frustrated.

He glanced at the fountain pen beside his hand.

This was a gift from Su Yan in the past.

Thats right! He still had Xiao Yan! Su Yan and Su Qing were both students of Floyd, and they enrolled into the school together.

Therefore, Su Yan should know something about Su Qings situation in school, and her opinion should be more objective.

He could ask her!

At the thought of this, Su Zheng suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

It would be best if Su Qing could really help improve the Su familys relationship with the Huo family in the future.

If not, he didnt want to see her in this house anymore.

Mount Qimin.

Although Wu Mu didnt cooperate with Su Yan and the others, there were only a few routes to the food supply station.

There were no other routes to take.

Su Yan led her teammates, who were still arguing, and followed Wu Mu and Yuan Yang from afar.

Her choice was indeed correct.

With Wu Mu and Yuan Yangs strength, this level of wilderness training was nothing.

It was only after Wu Mu and Yuan Yang finished taking the supplies that Su Yan and the others dared to go forward.

When Yuan Yang saw this, he said angrily, “Were just letting them take the rest of the food and water This is too easy on them!”

Wu Mu took a bite of the apple in her hand and looked at Su Yan and the others from afar.

“Indeed, we cant let them take advantage of us for nothing.”

As she spoke, her eyes lit up.

On the other hand, Su Yan thought that she had gained a huge advantage.

She was still feeling smug in her heart.

She listened to her teammates discussions and sat at the side obediently to eat.

“Although I dont like Wu Mu and Su Qings style, I cant deny that theyre quite capable.”

“Thats right.

Its impossible for us to find the supplies so quickly by ourselves.

We might even have to suffer along the way!”

“Why dont you praise Yanyan She was the one who suggested that we continue to follow Wu Mu and Yuan Yang.

Otherwise, we wouldnt have gotten a share of the supplies!”

“Thats right, thats right.

Xiao Yu is right! Yanyan is still the smartest.

Shes beautiful and kind.

Shes indeed the young mistress of the Su family!”

One of the girls who spoke was called Xiao Yu.

She was one of Su Qings roommates, and had worked with Su Yan to defame Su Qing online.

Of course, Su Yan had lied to Xiao Yu.

She hid the fact that Su Qing was the legitimate daughter of the Su family and spread rumors that Su Qing was an illegitimate daughter.

Xiao Yu didnt know better.

However, Xiao Yu really couldnt stand Su Qing either.

She was an incomparably beautiful woman, and no matter where she went, she could easily attract a lot of jealousy and hatred.

Seeing how famous Su Qing was in the academy, Xiao Yu disliked her even more.

Xiao Yu and Su Yansfriendship was akin to the saying, birds of a feather flock together.

There were many people in the world who were like-minded.

Once they met, they would become good friends, even if their intentions werent pure.

Everyone was still chattering as they ate and chatted.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and happy.

Xiao Yu suddenly thought of something and turned to ask Su Yan, “By the way, why havent we seen Su Qing for the entire day Has she already split up with Wu Mu and the others”

Su Yan took a sip of water and shook her head.

“I dont think so.

The three of them are so close.

Why would she leave them behind and act alone”

“Then where did she go” Xiao Yu asked curiously.

Su Yan glanced at Xiao Yu and didnt say anything.

She had also been puzzled by this.

Su Yan did not see Su Qing after her fight with those thugs yesterday.

Where had that woman gone Could she have really ran away

As Su Yan thought about this, she recalled Wu Mus words.

Su Qing wasnt here.

Could it be that she had really left Mt.

Qimin without permission

One had to know that the military training was directly related to her final results.

If any of the schools leaders found out about this, wouldnt Su Qing be punished It wasnt impossible for them to add more dirt on her.

Su Yan was counting her chickens before they hatched.

She didnt believe that she couldnt destroy Su Qing.


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