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“When did I do that Didnt she say it herself She was the one who hit Tian Xin!” Su Zheng widened his eyes and said angrily.

Su Rui frowned and said, “Did you ask if Tian Xin did anything wrong What if Qingqing was the one who suffered first Youre her father, so how can you help an outsider”

Su Zheng looked at his eldest son, who had always been calm, and his gentle second son, both of whom were speaking up for Su Qing, and slowly started to retreat.

However, he still snorted coldly and said, “Hmph, dont I know what shes like Lets see if you still can protect her after Ive investigated the matter!”

Su Zheng turned around and walked back to the study on the first floor.

Su Rui looked at his departing figure and sighed.

“Why does Daddy dislike Qingqing so much”

Su Xing looked at Su Qian, who had been silent since just now, and asked with a softened expression, “What did you do again to make Qingqing so angry She even issued a challenge to you!”

Su Qian walked over and sat on the sofa, looking a little depressed.

“I was indeed nosy just now.

Ive been listening to Zhang Kes gossip for the entire day, and I didnt manage to wrap my head around it!”

He sighed and continued, “We still havent figured out what exactly happened.

I caused her to be scolded by Daddy, so its only right that she wants to challenge me.”

When Su Xing saw him like this, he felt amused.

As the eldest of the Su brothers, he was the most stable and wise.

He chuckled and said, “Youre not her match.

By the way, whats with thatdiehard fan of yours that she mentioned just now”

Under the scrutinizing gazes of his two brothers, Su Qian revealed the incident in the canteen and what he heard today.

He would get to the bottom of the matter when he went back to school tomorrow.

When Su Xing and Su Rui heard this, they looked at him disapprovingly.

Su Xing said, “The way you handled the matter today was wrong.

How could you protect your fans and not care about your sister! Didnt you also know that Tian Xin was deliberately looking for trouble Could those fans be more important than your family”

Su Xing chided him lightly, but Su Rui wasnt so kind.

“Whats wrong with your brain Qingqing is our only sister! Didnt you dislike being the youngest since you were young Its your turn to be the elder brother now, and this is how you act!”

Su Qians handsome face was bitter as he begged his brothers for mercy.

“I was wrong, Eldest Brother and Second Brother.

Ill definitely change in the future.

Once we get to the bottom of the matter, Ill definitely take the initiative to apologize to her.

Will that do”

“Prepare to apologize to our sister! Qingqing isnt the kind of person who will bully others for no reason.” Su Rui was slightly appeased with Su Qians guarantee.

Kong Yue, who had followed Su Qing upstairs, grabbed her hand before she could close the door.

She looked at Su Qing with teary eyes and said, “I believe that youre not the type of person who bullies others.

Dont take what your father said to heart.

He only said that because he was angry! Dont be sad, alright”

Su Qing looked up at her and smiled lightly.

“Im not upset, Mommy.

Im not bothered by his criticism.” Because she didnt think it was important, even though she didnt tell Kong Yue that.

She felt that her mother wouldnt be happy to hear it.

When Kong Yue heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Can you let Mommy in Tell me everything that happened.

Ill explain it to that stubborn old man, alright”

Under Kong Yues gentle gaze, Su Qing finally couldnt close the door.

She couldnt reject the gentleness and warmth Kong Yue gave her.

Su Qing told Kong Yue everything, including the fact that the three of them had beaten up the group, which comprised more than ten people.

Kong Yue was terrified when she heard this, and she quickly asked, “Are you injured Let Mommy take a look!”

Su Qing shook her head and looked straight at Kong Yues face.

She asked, “Mommy, arent you going to ask how we were able to beat them”

Kong Yue pinched her little face and smiled.

“I know that youve suffered a lot all these years, so its normal for you to know how to protect yourself.

In my eyes, youre a good girl no matter what!”

When Su Qing heard Kong Yues words, she felt a trace of warmth in her heart.

This warmth was like the warmth she felt from the rising sun at the top of Mount Qimin.

It was inclusive and homely.

At the thought of this, Su Qing couldnt help but think of the person who had accompanied her to watch the sunrise.

What she didnt know now was that this person and the sunrise would both become unforgettable memories in her heart.


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