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At the Su residence.

Kong Yue woke up very early today.

She didnt sleep well last night because she was thinking about Su Qings military training the entire night.

Mount Qimin was so dangerous.

She wondered if her precious daughter was injured or had suffered in the mountains!

Su Qian sat opposite Kong Yue and picked up a piece of bread in a bad mood.

Seeing that his mother didnt look too good either, he asked, “Whats wrong Are you feeling unwell”

Kong Yue shook her head and looked at him before saying listlessly, “Im really worried about your sister.

Do you know how dangerous the mountains are She might fall and hurt herself! Also, are there still wild beasts in the mountains at night Its really too dangerous.

I was worried all night!”

Su Qian smiled helplessly.

“Are you unhappy because of this Dont worry, the school wont be so unreasonable.

They will ensure the safety of the students.

Its fine!”

Kong Yue was not comforted by him.

After thinking for a while, she said, “Son, you woke up so early today.

Do you have class today You dont have any other projects recently, am I right”

Su Qian glanced at Kong Yues expression and knew that his mother had something to ask of him.

Although Su Qian was a proud young master, he was still very filial to his mother.

He said gently, “What is it Tell me.”

Kong Yue smiled.

“My dear son, I want you to go to the military training ground to check on your sister.

Youre also a student at Floyd, so it shouldnt be too difficult for you, right”

That venue wasnt a place that anyone could enter just because they wanted to.

Moreover, the freshmen werent allowed to receive external help during military training.

Once they were discovered, their results would be invalidated, so it would be a waste to go.

Of course, under Kong Yues expectant gaze, Su Qian couldnt bring himself to say these words to her.

He nodded and said, “Let me think of a way.”

Only then did Kong Yue let him off.

Floyd University, Music Room 1.

The moment Zhang Ke arrived, he grabbed Su Qians arm and said to him in a low voice, “Did you see the news on the intranet”

Su Qian looked up at him and said impatiently, “I didnt.”

“Its about your sister, Su Qing!”

Su Qian restrained the impatience on his face and asked, “What about her”

“Didnt the freshmens military training start yesterday But this morning, I saw Tian Xin and the others at the entrance of the principals office!” Zhang Ke said mysteriously.

Su Qian frowned, unable to relate the meaning of Zhang Kes words.

He asked in confusion, “What do you mean What does Tian Xins return have to do with Su Qing”

Zhang Ke sat him down on a chair and continued, “The military training has just started, so why are Tian Xin and the others back Something must have happened for them to be caught by the instructors, and people started speculating because they witnessed Tian Xin and Su Qing quarreling in the cafeteria that day.

Tian Xin even said that she wanted to teach Su Qing a lesson!”

When Su Qian heard this, he sat up straight and said, “You mean that Tian Xin attacked Su Qing in the mountains and was discovered by the instructors, so she was sent back to be dealt with”

Zhang Ke nodded.

“You said it yourself that its just a guess.

Its all fake.

If they fought, why is Tian Xin the only one who came back and not Su Qing too” Su Qian analyzed.

Tian Xin was really annoying.

Why didnt she heed his warning

Zhang Ke nodded again, feeling that Su Qians analysis seemed to be more reliable.

“Thats right! Youre right.

Theres no reason for the school to bring only Tian Xin only.

Then why did this happen”

Why was it that only Tian Xin and her friends were back, but Su Qing could still continue her military training in the mountains

Unbeknownst to him, Su Qing was no longer in the mountains.

She had been brought into Xing Leis camp and was already sparring with the new recruits.

Xing Lei watched them from afar.

His adjutant looked at him and asked, “Chief, why do you value this young lady so much Arent you afraid that she will mess up if you hand the recruits over to her directly”

“Dont use people you dont trust.

Just wait and see.

This little girl isnt as simple as she looks,” Xing Lei said slowly as he thought about Su Qings skills.

He also understood Huo Qis attitude towards Su Qing, and he wondered when he would really be able to call her “sister-in-law”.

The two of them looked like a perfect match when they stood together!

The afternoon sun was scorching.

Su Qing sat on a chair with a glass of soda in her hand.

She looked at the recruits who were still practicing martial arts under the sun and felt very happy.

This was indeed more interesting than the fake wilderness survival training in the mountains.


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