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Huo Qi smiled and suddenly reached out to pinch Su Qings face.

Although Su Qing had distanced herself from him just now, the distance was nothing to the long-limbed Huo Qi.

Just as he had guessed, the little girls face felt extremely good to pinch.

It was soft and tender, and her eyes, which had widened in surprise, were also extremely round and cute!

“What are you doing Do you want to die” Su Qing said in surprise and anger.

She didnt like others touching her, especially if it was someone she didnt like.

However, what she didnt know was that in Huo Qis eyes, even her angry expression was also extremely cute.

“Whats wrong with pinching my future wifes face Is it illegal” Huo Qi teased her with a smile.

“Whos your wife Shut up!” Su Qing glared at him, her fair hands protecting her face from being pinched by Huo Qi again.

Huo Qi burst out laughing and quickly raised his hands in surrender.

“Alright, alright! I wont tease you anymore.”

The two of them turned around and looked at the rising sun.

It shone on their faces, making them feel warm and comfortable.

Su Qing heaved a sigh of relief.

On account of this old mans comfortable stool and the beautiful sunrise, she would temporarily forgive him for his impudence!

However, Huo Qi didnt appreciate her kindness.

He stood up and suddenly said loudly to Su Qing, “But youre my wife to begin with! You cant deny it!”

Su Qing turned around and felt that Huo Qi was being noisy.

She picked up a tree branch from the ground and was about to hit him when Huo Qi walked briskly away.

Before he left, he didnt forget to turn back and said with a smile, “Two years will pass in the blink of an eye.

You should prepare yourself to become my wife!”

Su Qing looked at Huo Qi, who had run away, and pressed her hand down on her racing heart.

She didnt understand why she was feeling like this.

Could it be that she had been angered by Huo Qi This damned old man kept calling her his wife.

How annoying!

The sun had completely risen, and it was red in the sky.

A new day had begun!

Wu Mu and Yuan Yang left the camp in the morning.

After all, they were also students at Floyd, so the military training component was equally important to them.

Su Qings situation was special, so Xing Lei would explain the situation to the school.

On the second day of military training, many students had already used up all their food and water.

Everyone started to look for supply points in the forest.

Su Yan and the others were not far from Su Qings original spot, so it was not surprising that the two groups met.

Su Yan looked at Wu Mu and Yuan Yang, then walked up to them and tried to strike up a conversation.

“Were out of food.

How much do you have left Why dont we work together”

She smiled and introduced herself, “Im Qingqings elder sister, Su Yan.

I dont think both of you know me yet!”

Wu Mu glanced at her expressionlessly, while Yuan Yang sat on the ground, eating a biscuit in his hand.

Both of them didnt say anything to her.

“Hahaha, wheres Qingqing Has she gone to find food” Seeing that neither of them were paying attention to her, Su Yan started talking again.

Although she didnt have a good relationship with Su Qing, it wasnt good for Su Qing to reject her request for cooperation in front of so many outsiders.

If Su Qing rejected her, she could still frame her for being heartless and disregarding her sister.

It would be even better if she agreed to her request.

As long as she stuck closely to Su Qing, she wouldnt have to worry about the next two days.

Su Yan was counting her chickens before they hatched, but she pretended to look concerned on the surface.

Wu Mu didnt understand Su Yan, but from Su Qings words yesterday, she understood that Su Yan wasnt as kind to Su Qing as she appeared to be, so Wu Mu intended to keep her distance from her.

“Shes not here, and we dont want to cooperate with you.

Go away,” Wu Mu called out to Yuan Yang, picked up her backpack and left, completely ignoring the dumbfounded looks on Su Yan and the girls behind her.

“Tsk! Whats there to be arrogant about If you dont want to cooperate, so be it.

Do you think we really care”

“Has the Wu family always been so arrogant”

“Didnt Su Yan say that they would definitely cooperate with us Why is their attitude like this”

“Oh, Su Qing is Su Yans sister, so she thought that Su Qing would agree because they are sisters.

Whod have known that they would act so cockily This Su Qing is really heartless!”

“This illegitimate daughter is just a b*tch.

We dont have to work with her.

Lets go!”

When Su Yan heard their words, she knew that she had achieved her goal.

She was secretly happy, but at the same time, she was also a little puzzled.

Where did Su Qing go so early in the morning


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