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Two seconds later, Su Qing could tell that it wasnt a beast, but the footsteps of humans.

There were at least five of them.

When the leader of the team stuck his head out from behind the bushes, he looked up and saw three covetous gazes.

He immediately stood up and said to Su Qing in a firm tone, “Miss Su, our chief wants to invite you over.”

“Whos your chief Why do we have to go just because he wants us to” Wu Mu looked at them warily, her eyes filled with warning.

After Su Qing saw the equipment on the soldiers, she went forward and grabbed Wu Mu and Yuan Yangs arms.

She glanced at the soldier and said slowly, “Alright, lets go.”

“Qingqing! Why did you agree to it” Wu Mu looked at her in confusion.

Who knew if this group of soldiers was up to no good

Su Qing gestured for Wu Mu to look at the guns in the soldiers hands.

They couldnt fight them head-on.

Sometimes, they had to make smart choices, rather than the right ones.

It was already an hour later when the three of them were brought into Xing Leis tent.

Su Qing looked up and sized up Xing Lei, then saw Huo Qi, who was beside him.

Su Qing was slightly surprised.

“Why are you here”

Huo Qi chuckled and teased her, “I wanted to ask you this question.

Why are you here”

Su Qings eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Youre following me again!”

“Thats not it.

Im just here to visit an old friend,” Huo Qi said calmly as he smiled at Xing Lei.

Su Qing also looked at Xing Lei.

She knew that Xing Lei was their chief instructor for this military training, but she didnt know that he was actually friends with Huo Qi.

What were the two of them up to

Xing Lei was stared at by the three newcomers in the tent.

He cleared his throat and said, “Well, the few of you can take a seat first! Its not easy to walk around in the mountains at night, so have a cup of hot tea to warm yourselves up first.”

However, no one cared about his slightly awkward greeting.

Wu Mu and Yuan Yang had met Huo Qi before, so they knew that Su Qing had a conflict with him over the engagement a few days ago.

Was Huo Qi trying to do something bad

Yuan Yang and Wu Mu instantly became nervous.

Although they were no match for all the soldiers in the tent if they fought, they had to think of a way to protect Su Qing even if it cost them their lives.

For some reason, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Xing Lei stood up and walked to Su Qing, then said seriously, “Actually, I want to ask Miss Su for a favor.

Recently, I have a bunch of new recruits to train.

I know that Miss Su is very skilled, so I would like to invite you over to teach them.”

Su Qing thought for a moment and understood what was going on.

She looked at Xing Lei and said, “Did you set up cameras in the forest”

“Thats right.

Isnt this also for the safety of new students like you If anything unexpected happens, we can deal with it in time! We cant let you lose an arm or a leg or lose your life in military training, right” Xing Lei explained.

When Wu Mu heard this, she said angrily, “Then why didnt you come out and deal with it when you saw us being ambushed You saw how detestable Tian Xin and the others were!”

Xing Lei turned to look at Wu Mu and said in a gentler tone, “This matter concerns everyones results, so we have to be careful.

Weve already captured those people and dealt with them.

As for Tian Xin and her accomplices, weve already sent them back to school.

The school will deal with this matter.”

When Wu Mu and Yuan Yang heard this, the indignant expressions on their faces eased.

When Su Qing heard Xing Leis explanation about the military training, she no longer had any interest in it.

She had only been interested because she thought it would be a realistic experience after the harrowing recollection from Su Qian!

She didnt expect that the entire process was just a formality.

It wasnt really an adventure in the wild, so it wasnt as interesting as Xing Leis suggestion to teach new recruits.

Huo Qi had been looking at Su Qing, and he realized that she wasnt as cold as she appeared.

If one looked closely, they would notice many small details that they hadnt noticed in the past.

She looked extremely lively!

Huo Qi lowered his head and chuckled, feeling that Su Qing was really too cute.

Su Qing didnt know the thoughts in Huo Qis mind at this moment.

She simply looked at Xing Lei and said, “Alright, I agree to your request.”


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