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Mount Qimin was a very famous scenic spot in the suburbs.

It was a huge mountain, and there was plenty of lush vegetation, so it was really a nice place for sightseeing.

So long as one didnt go deeper into the mountains, it wouldnt be dangerous.

Therefore, it had become one of the places that many people visited.

After listening to the chief instructors introduction, Su Qing, Wu Mu, and Yuan Yang, who had been sticking with them since they got out of the bus, automatically became a team.

The freshmen collected their luggage and were led into the forest by the instructors.

Su Yan had teamed up with her roommates.

She glanced at Su Qing and Yuan Yang from afar, as an unfathomable look appeared on her face.

Tian Xin and the girls beside her followed Su Qing and the others closely.

If Tian Xin could predict the future, she wouldnt have let herself be so stupid as to use the military training to plot against Su Qing.

After all, Su Qing was not someone to be trifled with.

The masters she had followed since she was young had not taught her more than just medical skills!

Yuan Yang was carrying a heavy military backpack on his back.

Along the way, he sized up Su Qing and Wu Mus expressions and asked curiously, “Whats wrong Why do you have such cold expressions on your faces”

Wu Mu glared at him and said coldly, “Its all your fault! Your actions yesterday caused Qingqing to be scolded for a few hours by people who posted photos online!”

Yuan Yang had only arrived in Floyd yesterday, so he really didnt have time to understand the situation that was taking place on the intranet.

He said in surprise, “What do you mean Wasnt everything fine yesterday”

Wu Mu briefly explained the situation to him.

When Yuan Yang heard this, he said angrily, “Who the f*ck did this Isnt this just a mindless attempt to slander Su Qing”

Yuan Yang turned to look at Su Qing and asked, “Do you know who did it Tell me, and Ill avenge you!”

Su Qing looked at the instructor, who was still leading them deeper into the camp, and said calmly, “Theres no hurry.

Lets talk about this after we enjoy the three days of military training.”

Su Qing actually said that she wanted to “enjoy” the three days of military training!

This was the training week that the students in the school and many people in the outside world called FloydsDevils Military Training, and Su Qing actually said that she was here to enjoy it

Yuan Yang and Wu Mu looked at each other.

They werent surprised.

In fact, they seemed to have expected her to react this way!

Yuan Yang nodded in agreement.

“Alright! Lets talk when we get back.”

After the instructors brought them to their designated spots, they emphasized the rules of this military training again.

The military backpack for all the new students only contained a days worth of food and water.

For the remaining two days, everyone had to rely on their own abilities to obtain food and water.

The supply stations had already been set up in the forest, so they had to find them themselves.

Th supply stations were a suggestion from the school for the sake of the students safety.

They wanted to train the students, but they did not want them to really die in there!

Xing Lei had made a lot of concessions, but the students were still complaining.

Little did they know that this was already the greatest concession he could make.

The instructors left after sending them to the forest.

Yuan Yang quickly dropped his backpack and sat cross-legged on the ground to wipe the sweat off his neck.

Wu Mu was already checking the things in her backpack.

She looked up at Su Qing and said, “The weather is too hot! Well be dehydrated faster with this weather, and the water they gave us isnt enough!”

Su Qing looked at the water bottle in her hand and was about to speak when the sound of a stone cutting through the air at top speed attracted her attention.

Su Qing turned her head and dodged it agilely.

She looked in the direction where the stone was thrown and shouted sternly, “Who is it Show yourself!”

As she spoke, she gave Wu Mu and Yuan Yang a look.

The two of them quickly reacted, packed their bags, and looked fiercely at the group of people who had walked out of the forest.

“Not bad! You can even dodge this You must have learned some martial arts!” the leader of the group sneered menacingly.

He was wearing a black short-sleeved shirt and shorts.

“Brother Yong! Lets not waste our breath on her.

Lets cripple her as soon as possible, then get paid and leave! Im about to be bitten to death by the insects in this lousy forest!”

Su Qing stared at the burly man called Brother Yong.

His body was also red and swollen from mosquito bites.

It seemed like he had been waiting for them here for a long time.

Should she say that these people were smart Or stupid

Since they knew where Su Qing would be staying and were waiting to ambush her, why didnt they prepare the right outfits and insect repellant



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