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“What Thats a big secret!”

“No wonder I feel disgusted when I see this woman.

It turns out that shes just a lowly person.

Im afraid she hasnt seen so many rich men.

School has just started, and she already cant wait to start casting her net.”

Su Qing frowned and scrolled through the post.

She realized that it was filled with such vulgar comments.

Although there were no names, the photos were very clear.

“Whos deliberately defaming you They even cut me out of the picture.” Wu Mu pointed at the photo of Su Qing pulling Yuan Yang.

Su Qing shook her head.

“Lets go back and hack into the intranet to see who posted this.”

Wu Mu instantly cheered up.

“Thats right! How dare anyone smear your reputation in front of a computer genius like you!”


On the way to the dorm, people were giving strange looks at Su Qing.

The whispers were like ice, lingering in Su Qings ears.

Su Qing glared at them coldly.

Wu Mu looked at Su Qing worriedly.

The latter had been staring at the computer for almost an hour.

She asked, “How is it”

Su Qing stared at the screen and said calmly, “I used an anonymous address and account.

Itll take some time to find out.”

Wu Mu didnt know much about these things, but looking at Su Qings calm expression, she guessed that it shouldnt be difficult for her.

Su Qian didnt care much about such trivial matters, but he couldnt stop his roommates from gossiping.

“Brother Qian, your sister has been trending on the intranet the entire afternoon.

Whos messing with her”

“What” Su Qian asked.

“Take a look for yourself! The comments are quite nasty.”

Su Qian took out his phone and looked at the forum, then frowned deeply.

Zhang Ke looked at Yuan Yangs photo and asked Su Qian, “Do you know this person Is he Su Qings boyfriend”

Su Qian said angrily, “How would I know This girl is really problematic.

Shes causing trouble for me again!”

“They even dragged you in! Oh, right, they dont know that youre her brother.” Zhang Ke was just watching the show unfold.

Su Qian glared at him.

“Shut up.”

Zhang Ke shrugged his shoulders in an annoying manner.

However, when he saw that the page could no longer be refreshed, he said, “Why cant I open it”

Su Qing hacked into the schools intranet and locked the post.

She even caused the intranet to hang for the entire night.

She was quick and decisive, but she hadnt discovered the person who posted the post yet.

On the bus heading to Mt Qimin, Wu Mu was listening to the other peoples discussions about how the intranet had been stuck the entire night.

Wu Mu looked at Su Qing, who was resting her eyes, and said slowly, “Its all that idiot, Yuan Yangs, fault.

Why did he shout at you from outside the dorm for no reason”

Su Qing opened her beautiful eyes slightly.

“If you want to frame someone, you can always do so.

Even if there isnt Yuan Yang, there will still be others.

Isnt Su Qian also included These people are just so lame.”

Wu Mus eyes were cold.

“Also, there were people who believed the rumor that youre an illegitimate daughter.

Im really appalled.”

Su Qing didnt seem to have any reaction, but Wu Mu was furious.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, Wu Mus expression was still frosty.

Looking at the mountain of military backpacks, Su Qings eyes lit up.

It was time for the legendaryDevils Military Training!

Xing Lei stood on a huge rock and looked at the large crowd of students below.

There were about 200 new students in Su Qings batch.

“Welcome to the military training week!” His voice pierced through the air, “Mount Qimin, a forest survival activity, for three days and two nights! Those who can survive the journey will be able to enter the next stage of military training! Do you understand”

When he mentioned the words “forest survival activity”, the students started protesting.

“This is too unreasonable!”

“What kind of stupid activity is this!”

However, surrounded by the soldiers with powerful auras, everyone only dared to mumble their grouches, but didnt voice anything loudly.

When Su Qing heard this, her eyes lit up.

She exchanged glances with Wu Mu, and the two of them rubbed their palms together impatiently.

Xing Lei smiled.

“Then well split into groups.

Each group can have between two or five people.

Lets go!”

Tian Xin glanced at Su Qing, who was not far away, and said coldly, “Be more efficient when you attack later.

Dont let her walk out of this mountain safely.”

“Dont worry, Ive already arranged for someone to wait for her!”

Tian Xin smiled, a sinister look on her face.

“Ill let her know today that not everyone can be trifled with.”



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