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When Huo Qi heard Xing Leis words, he was slightly relieved.

“To you guys, those are just small tricks, but those children joining the camp havent suffered a single bit in their lives at all.”

Xing Lei smiled lightly and roughly understood what he meant.

“Since youre so worried, you can just come over and watch! We havent met in a long time anyway.

If you come, Ill treat you to a drink.”

Huo Qi agreed readily.

“Sure, Ill make sure to finish up all the alcohol that youve stocked up.”

“Im just afraid that you wont be able to.

See you.”

After hanging up, Huo Feng looked at his young master and thought, What a good man.

He even wanted to accompany his wife when she went for military training.

Where would other women find a man like him


When Su Qing arrived at the dormitory the next day, Wu Mu was already there.

Looking at her angry expression, Su Qing asked, “Whats wrong”

Wu Mu looked at her.

“These old men are really too much.

Ive already come to accompany you, but they still asked Yuan Yang to come over!”

“Yuan Yang is coming over” Su Qing was a little surprised.

Yuan Yang was her third masters nephew and one of her friends.

Ever since they were young, Wu Mu and him had always liked to go against each other.

They could be considered a bickering couple.

It was no wonder that Wu Mu was unhappy.

Su Qing asked, “Where is he”

Yuan Yang looked up at Su Qings dorm building, holding the milk tea that Su Qing liked to drink.

The girls who walked in and out of the building stared at his face.

Yuan Yang was a handsome man, but he was also ostentatious.

He shouted at the building, “Su Qing!”

The room that Su Qing and Mu Zi lived in was on the third floor.

Su Qing heard his voice from outside the window.

Wu Mu looked at Su Qing.

“Oh god.

Hes here.”

Su Qing walked to the balcony and looked down.

Yuan Yang was waving his hands and smiling happily at her!


Su Qing frowned at him and asked Wu Mu, “What is he doing at our dorm”

“Who knows”

Su Qing turned around to look at her and smiled lightly.

“Alright, stop pulling a long face.

Lets go down and take a look.”

Wu Mu rolled her eyes at Yuan Yang.

It was fine if the two of them didnt meet, but they would fight the moment they met.

Su Qing stopped Yuan Yang from shouting again the moment she went down.

“Are you crazy Why are you shouting”

Yuan Yang chuckled.

“Mu Zi stopped me from seeing you, so I could only do this.”

Wu Mu glared at him.

“Whos stopping you”

There were even more people at school today than yesterday.

Su Qing pulled the two of them over.

“Lets find a place to sit.”

What she didnt know was that her action of gently pulling Yuan Yang was posted on the schools internal forum, and had caused a huge commotion.

On the balcony, Su Yan watched the three of them leave.

Her roommate looked at her.

“Who is Su Qing School hasnt started yet, and someone is already confessing to her”

It was no wonder that she was misunderstood.

Yuan Yangs actions were indeed very misleading.

Su Yan lowered her head and smiled gently.

She had thought of a good idea.

Now, she could finally deal with Su Qing.

“Come here, Ill tell you a secret,” Su Yan said to her roommate, who was also gossiping.

Her roommate looked at her suspiciously.

“What secret”

The two of them whispered to each other.

Su Yans roommate looked at her in disbelief.

“What Su Qing is your fathers illegitimate daughter!”


Su Yan lowered her head, looking troubled.

“You cant tell anyone.”

Her roommate nodded and covered her mouth in surprise.

“Why is an illegitimate daughter like her so arrogant She was also the one who caused trouble in the cafeteria yesterday!”

As she spoke, she opened the post from yesterday.

“She dared to mock Senior Su Qian.

I heard that she even made Tian Xin very unhappy.”

Su Yan didnt know who Tian Xin was, but as long as they were on the same side, it was fine.

Yesterdays incident had also caused an uproar, so it was time to add some dirt on Su Qing.

At noon, Wu Mu saw a post on the universitys forum that had been pushed up extremely quickly.

Out of curiosity, she clicked on it and was almost angered to death by the obscenities inside.

“Qingqing, youve been slandered!” She handed the phone to Su Qing and said anxiously.

Su Qing looked at Wu Mus furious expression, then took her phone.

“Are all freshmen so aggressive now How many men does she have She even wants to seduce Su Qian!” The post included a photo of Su Qing and Su Qian in the cafeteria yesterday, as well as the scene of Su Qing pulling Yuan Yang away in the morning.

“This woman is really disgusting! Our Brother Qian is so noble, how can she taint him”

“Someone told me that shes the illegitimate daughter of the Su family!”


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