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At the Su residence.

By the time Su Qing returned home, her brothers had already gotten off work.

Su Rui looked at her when she walked in and asked, “How was your first day at school Did everything go well”

Su Qian looked at his second brother and felt a little guilty.

This was because he didnt care about Su Qing reporting to school at all.

He even had a falling out with her over other matters.

On the other hand, Su Qing nodded and replied, “It went quite smoothly.”

“Thats good,” Su Rui said.

Su Xing looked at Su Qing and asked with a smile, “When will the military training start”

Su Yan sat beside Su Qian and quickly replied before Su Qing could speak, “Itll start the day after tomorrow.

We have tomorrow to get ready, and well set off from school tomorrow night.”

Dinner was very sumptuous.

Kong Yue smiled at her children who were gathered around the table.

“Shall we raise our glasses to celebrate Qingqings enrollment”

Su Rui was the first to respond, “Sure.”

Su Qing was wolfing down her food, but she still looked up and picked up the cup beside her.

The glasses clinked softly.

The atmosphere was too good, and the sound seemed to hit Su Qings heart.

She smiled at everyone, apart from those with strange expressions on their faces, and she said, “Thank you.”

She liked this.

It made her feel loved.

Su Yan looked at Kong Yue and felt a little uncomfortable.

Su Zheng looked at her disappointed face and added, “We should also celebrate Xiao Yans enrollment.”

Kong Yue smiled and said, “Thats right, I should have included Su Yan too.”

Su Rui looked at the people at the table and smiled.

“Were just missing Fourth Bro now.

What has he been busy with recently Why does he look even busier than Eldest Brother”

“He said that he had a very important case to deal with.

He hasnt been home for almost two months now,” Su Lu said.

Su Qing glanced at him.

“I heard from Mommy that the two of you had been together some time ago.

Why are you back when hes not”

She still remembered the reason why her brothers were absent on the first day she returned home.

Su Lu looked at her and smiled apologetically.

“I was indeed with him that day, because I had to handle a small problem with his case.”

Su Qing nodded.

She really wasnt bothered about what happened that day.

“Hey, Qingqing, I heard that the military training this time is going to be serious!” Su Rui covered up the awkward situation.

Su Qing ate a piece of pork rib that Su Xing had picked up for her and didnt even look up.

“I think so.

I heard the instructor mention it.”

Su Yan finally had a chance to interrupt.

“Yes, Second Brother.

Were going to Mt.

Qimin for training this time.

The training will be three days and two nights long.”

Su Qian nodded slowly.

“This is almost becoming a fixed event for Floyd every year.

However, the training period this year seems to have been extended.

I wonder what those old men in school are thinking, to make this group of rich mens sons and daughters embarrass themselves on the mountain.”

At this moment, a certain “young master” also cursed himself.

Hearing Su Qians words, Su Qings interest was piqued.

She looked up at him.

“What are the events Are they difficult”

Su Qian looked at her and frowned slightly.

“Why do you sound so interested Arent you afraid”

“What are you afraid of” Su Qing asked truthfully, since she was adept at sports.

Su Rui smiled.

“Qingqing isnt as weak as she looks.

Just wait and see.”

Su Qian snorted softly.

“Really” He looked at Su Qing with interest.

“You havent answered my question,” Su Qing said.

Su Qian sat up straight and described to her in detail the devilish training they had undergone back then.

At the Huo residence.

Huo Qi was still on the phone with Xing Lei.

“Are you in charge of the freshmens military training this time”

“Why Are you interested” Xing Lei asked.

Huo Qi chuckled, “No, Im just asking about the details.”

Xing Lei knew that this man wouldnt call him for no reason.

He smiled and said, “Whats wrong with you Who are you asking for”

“Its fine.

Recently, a young friend of mine entered Floyd and is going to participate in the military training this time.

Im asking you now so that I can understand what its going to be like,” Huo Qi said.

As one of Huo Qis few friends, Xing Lei immediately started gossiping.

“Hey, who are you talking about Whats the situation”

“Youve been in the army for so many years, why havent you changed at all Youre still as gossipy.”

Xing Lei laughed.

“What else can I do Your actions are just too suspicious.”

“Alright, stop joking.

Im asking you a serious question!” Huo Qi said to his old friend.

Xing Lei restrained his expression and said slowly, “Its just some tricks to tease them.

Its no different from the past.”


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