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Su Qian was stunned.

Looking at Su Qings agile actions and her slightly furrowed brows, he was so exasperated that he laughed.

Why was she the one getting impatient “So what if Im your driver Im not letting anyone take the co-driver seat…”

“Why are you so troublesome” Su Qing looked at him.

“Ill drive.”

She opened the car door and got out.

Under Su Qians stunned expression, she pulled him out and got into the drivers seat.

She looked back at the speechless Su Qian and said, “Get in the car quickly.

Its not your co-driver seat anymore.

Its my co-driver seat.”

Kong Yue didnt know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at the two of them, especially at Su Qians defeated expression.

“Alright, Su Qian, get in the car quickly.

Stop dawdling.”

Under Kong Yues gaze, Su Qian walked over and sat in the seat that Su Qing had just taken.

Su Qing held the steering wheel and drove the car out.

She was also thinking about her personal safety.

After all, Su Qian looked very tired, as though he hadnt slept well in a long time.

“This place is quite far from school.

In order to prevent you from dying later, I suggest you take a nap,” Su Qing said without turning to look at him.


Su Qian looked at her.

“Are you talking to me”

Su Qing looked at him without replying.

The meaning in her eyes was obvious.

Who else but you

As a celebrity, Su Qian enjoyed a life where he was surrounded by stars.

Hence, he was already used to the people around him fawning over him.

In his eyes, Su Qings actions were to attract his attention or to please him.

He snorted softly and reclined the car seat.

The car drove on steadily, and Su Qian gradually fell asleep.

Su Yan didnt expect Su Qing to do this.

She was slightly dumbfounded.

Su Qians temper should be the worst among the five brothers, but he actually didnt flare up at Su Qing! This was really strange.

Su Yan sat in the back and stared at Su Qing, who was driving.

This woman was really scheming.


She suppressed the jealousy in her heart.

She didnt believe that people would protect Su Qing once she got to school.

She would wait and see what happened.

Wu Mu stood at the entrance of the school and waited for Su Qing for more than an hour, still feeling very anxious.

She was very tall and looked like a very cool girl.

There were many students sneaking glances at her, but she didnt care about them.

This time, the task that those old men had arranged for her was to watch over their precious disciple.

Wu Mu quite liked Su Qing, and the two of them were very good friends, so she gladly accepted it.

However, Miss Su was taking a long time to show up.

Su Qing immediately spotted Wu Mu standing by the road and stopped the car.

She nudged Su Qian and said, “Weve reached.”

Seeing that Su Qian had opened his eyes, she said, “Im going to meet a friend.

You dont have to follow me anymore.”

Su Qian snapped out of his daze.


Looking at the red marks on Su Qians handsome left cheek, Su Qing smiled faintly.

“Dont worry, I wont complain to Mommy.” Then, she got out of the car.

“Hey!” Su Qian was about to say something when he saw Su Qing walking towards Wu Mu.

“Why does that person look so familiar Is she Su Qings friend” Su Qian muttered to himself.

“Shes from the Wu family.

Her name is Wu Mu,” Su Yan said as she looked at Su Qian in confusion.

“How did Su Qing know someone from the Wu family”

Su Qian had already forgotten that there was someone else in the car.

When Su Yan suddenly spoke, he was shocked.

“Why are you still here”

Su Yan looked at him obediently and said, “Since Su Qing has someone with her, then, Fifth Brother, you can accompany me to the admin office.”

Su Qian turned to look at her.

“Havent you been here many times already Why do you need me to accompany you Hurry up and get out of the car.

I still have other matters to attend to.”

Su Yan bit the corner of her lip and got out of the car unwillingly.

Given Su Qians influence in Floyd University, if she had him by her side on the first day of school, she would definitely be in the limelight as a freshman.


She had it all planned out, but the key was, Su Qian was not cooperating with her.

When Wu Mu saw Su Qing walking towards her, she went forward and took Su Qings bag from her hand.

“Miss Su, you really made me wait for a long time.”

When Su Qing saw her good friend, she smiled slowly.

“Stop fussing.

Lets go in.”

Wu Mu looked at her.

“Its been so long since we last met.

Why didnt you say that you missed me”

Su Qing walked in front.

“Miss you Why didnt you think of this when you sold me out to Sang Ning”


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