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Kong Yue looked at her children and said, “Alright, this matter has been temporarily resolved.

Qingqing can finally go to school without any worries.”

To Kong Yue, this was already something worth being happy about.

Su Qing nodded.

Seeing that Kong Yue was happy, she felt a little better.

“Su Yan was grounded by Dad for a month.

Will she be released when school starts” Su Lu asked.

Su Xing nodded slowly.

“School is starting soon, so we have to let her out.

I hope she learned her lesson this time.”


During this period of time, Su Qing and Su Zheng had been living in harmony.

On the account of the impending engagement with the Huo family, Su Zheng restrained his temper a little.

However, Su Qing simply ignored him.

Su Yan had been locked up at home recently, and she couldnt wait to get out.

It wasnt that she hadnt pleaded with Su Zheng to let her out, but Su Lu had been watching them closely, so Su Zheng couldnt agree to her request.

Since school was starting today, Su Qing woke up early.

When she washed up and went downstairs for breakfast, she saw a handsome man at the dining table.

When Kong Yue saw her, she smiled and said, “Qingqing, come over and have your breakfast.”

Su Qing walked over and sat opposite Su Qian.

Su Yan sat beside him and was fawning over him.

“Fifth Brother, do you want some coffee Ill get you a cup.”

Because he came back late last night and was woken up by Kong Yue so early in the morning, Su Qian was on the verge of losing his temper.

“I dont want anything.”

Kong Yue poured a glass of milk for Su Qing.

“Its your first day at school, so let your Fifth Brother take you there.”

Su Qing took the cup and sipped the milk, then looked at her mother.

“Its fine.

I can do it myself.”

She had a milk mustache.

When Kong Yue saw this, she smiled and wiped her mouth with a tissue.

“Look at you, youre getting milk everywhere.

Anyway, its on the way for your Fifth Brother too.

Ill be more at ease if hes with you.”

“Wheres Second Brother” Su Qing asked.

“He has training this morning, so he couldnt send you there.

He ran out after telling me in the morning.”

Su Qing nodded.


Su Qian observed Su Qing closely.

Although he wasnt very happy to be woken up by his mother early in the morning to be a driver and a tour guide for his sister, what did she mean by this Did she only like Su Rui

Was it a case that all five brothers in the Su family had a strong sister complex, or was it that Su Qians thoughts were strange


“Fifth Brother has just returned from filming, and youre already going back to school” Su Yan interrupted.

“What role did you take on this time”

Su Qian frowned at her.

“Can you stop asking such useless questions Its the first day for you first years, but isnt it the same for us third years too”


Initially, Su Yan wanted to show Su Qing that she was close to Su Qian, but their Fifth Brother seemed to be in a bad mood, making her situation a little awkward.

“Fifth Brother, Ill tag along later.

Our other brothers have all gone out.” Su Yan smiled at Su Qian.

Kong Yue glanced at Su Qian.

“Dont be so impatient.

Arent you the only one whos free anyway Besides, youre also going to school, so if you dont send them, who will”

Su Qian looked at his mother and smirked.

“Got it.”

Su Qian held the steering wheel and looked at Su Yan, who had already darted in and was sitting in the passenger seat.

He said slowly, “Dont you know that I dont take anyone on my co-drivers seat Sit in the back.”

Actually, Su Qing didnt really want to be with the two of them.

She couldnt even be bothered to look at Su Yan, and she wasnt familiar with Su Qian either.

If it werent for Kong Yue looking at her expectantly, she would have asked Wu Mu to pick her up long ago.

At the very least, she was more familiar with that fellow.


Looking at the messages from Wu Mu, Su Qing replied, Ill be here soon.

Stop rushing me.

Su Yan got out of the co-driver seat awkwardly.

Su Qing glanced at her and frowned, because she sat down beside Su Qings bag.

“Sit in the front.”

Su Yan looked at her.

“I can sit wherever I want.

Its none of your business.”

Su Qing took her bag, turned around, opened the door to the passenger seat, and got in.

Su Yan was secretly delighted.

This time, Su Qing had violated Su Qians taboo again.

She would see if she could still be arrogant after he reprimanded her.

Su Qian frowned and looked at Su Qing.

“My co-driver seat is not…”

“Hurry up and drive.

I still have friends waiting for me.” Su Qing was still looking at her phone when she interrupted Su Qian.

Then, she swiftly buckled her seatbelt.



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