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“By the way, Ive already packed the things you bought and placed them in your room.” Kong Yue looked at Su Qing and said, “Are they for someone”

Su Qing thought about the gift she bought for her master yesterday and nodded lightly.

“They are for my masters.”

When Kong Yue heard this, she asked in confusion, “What masters”

“Qingqing, you still have masters Where is he from” Su Rui asked with interest.

Su Qing looked at them and thought about how to explain things clearly, but realized that it was hard to explain.

“Its complicated.

Anyway, theyre people who treat me very well, just like all of you,” she said, then stood up.

“Ill tell you about them later.

Ill go upstairs first.”

“Hey…” Kong Yue wanted to stop her and ask more questions, but she realized that Su Qing had slipped away extremely quickly.

Su Qing returned to her room and took out her phone, thinking that it was time to call her masters to inform them that she was safe.

At the same time, she wanted to obtain the item that her second master had promised her.

At the Yuan residence.

Second Master Yuan looked at the video call request from Su Qing and quickly picked up the call, “Qingqing.”

The few people behind him also rushed over.

Su Qing looked at the faces in the video and leaned back.

“Dont lean forward together, the screen is filled with all your faces.

Eldest Master, move back a little.

Youre blocking Third Master.”

Yuan Zhen moved back.

“How about this Can you see us better”

Su Qing nodded and asked, “Why are all of you together today”

There was a hint of cuteness in her tone.

This was how Su Qing was like when she faced people she was close to.

It was only in front of those who really cared about her that she would unconsciously display this side of her.

“Were here to prepare for your second masters birthday,” Yuan Zhen said.

“How are you Is the Su family treating you well”

From his years of experience as a doctor, Su Qings Second Master Yuan, Yuan Yi, immediately noticed the injury on her face.

“What happened to your face”

Su Qing had forgotten about the red marks on her face.

She turned her face to the other side, hiding it, before saying, “Im fine.

Second Master, how are the preparations for your birthday Ill go back and visit you on that day.”

“Stop changing the topic.

Whats going on Tell me quickly,” Yuan Yi said.

Su Qing smiled.

“Im really fine.

I just wanted to call to remind you that you have to prepare the things you promised me.”

“You only agreed to go back to the Su family because you lost the bet with me.

Are you still thinking of taking my things” Yuan Yi looked at her reproachfully.

Su Qing looked at him.

“I dont care.

You agreed to it back then.

Also, Im going to enroll in Floyd University.”

“Did the Su family arrange this” Yuan Zhen asked.

Su Qing nodded and said with a smile, “Thats right.

I didnt expect my mother and I to have such rapport.

I didnt even tell her that I liked Floyd University.”

Third Master Yuan, who was beside Yuan Zhen, also looked at Su Qing with a smile.

It seemed like their Qingqing liked Kong Yue very much.

This was also what they wanted to see the most.

Su Qing had been deprived of a lot of things in the early part of her life.

They had tried their best to make up for it, but they couldnt let her experience what it meant to be a real family.

That was why they wanted her to return to the Su family.

“Thats good,” Yuan Yi said.

Then, he thought of something.

“Youre unfamiliar with the city, and you still have to go to school.

Ill get Wu Mu to accompany you.”

Su Qing was stunned.

“Theres no need.

My mother said that my fifth brother is a student there too.”

“No way, you have to let Wu Mu stay by your side.

Only then will we be at ease.” Yuan Zhen had the same thoughts as Yuan Yi, and from their looks, there was no more room for negotiation.


Seeing her masters insistence, Su Qing could only nod helplessly.

At the Huo residence.

Old Master Huo had seen how much Huo Qi cared about Su Qing recently.

He felt that it was time to help his grandson.

After hanging up the call with Su Ming, Huo Jue handed him a cup of tea.

“Dad, didnt you say that youd let Xiaoqi handle this matter himself So what were you…”

The old man took the teacup.

“Its rare to see him so concerned about someone.

As his grandfather, cant I help him Its just a small matter of drinking tea with that old man from the Su family.”

Huo Jue looked at him.

“This isnt a small matter anymore.

Youve already taken action personally.”

These days, not only did Huo Qi have to deal with family matters, he also had to constantly find opportunities to “coincidentally” meet that little girl.

He was extremely busy.

He didnt expect his grandfather to be so concerned about this matter and took the initiative to intervene, which somewhat disrupted his plans.


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