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Huo Qis smile was very charming, “Do you really think so badly of me”

He leaned closer to Su Qing.

She didnt move away, but she could feel the mans warmth seeping through.

“Do you really not like me at all”

Su Qing looked up at him.

The harsh words that she was about to say were stuck in her throat when she met his eyes.

The color of Huo Qis eyes was very beautiful, and his gaze was deep, making her feel as though she was falling into it unconsciously.

Not everyone could resist an old man who was flaunting all his charms.

Huo Qi was still confident that even Su Qing, who had never fallen in love, would be attracted to him.


When Su Rui and Su Lu walked over, they saw Huo Qi leaning towards Su Qing.

The two of them looked very intimate.

Su Lu rushed forward.

“Hey! Stay away from her.”

Su Rui realized that the words he wanted to say had been said by his brother.

He quickly followed and pulled Su Qing over.

His eyes were fixed on Huo Qi, giving him a warning look.

Huo Qi took a deep breath and stood upright.

He felt that these two men were really annoying.

What he didnt know was that there would be even more people like them who would annoy him in the future.


After all, Su Qing had five brothers.

And all of them were equally protective of her.

Young Master Huos pursuit of his wife was destined to be filled with difficulties.


“Lets go.” Su Qing glanced at Huo Qi.

Her gaze was no longer as cold as before, but was now filled with doubt and questioning.

Looking at the departing figures of the Su siblings, Huo Feng quickly asked, “Young Master, are you really going to give up on the bet just like that Wasnt that your goal”

Huo Qi thought of the suspicious expression on Su Qings face before she left and grinned.

“This is just a temporary respite.

I want to make her lower her guard so that I can make my move more easily.”

Huo Feng, who had never been in a relationship, was puzzled.

Looking at his young masters determined expression, he nodded silently.

He believed that his young master wouldnt do anything that he wasnt confident in.

On the way back, Su Qing remained silent.

Su Rui thought that she was still upset about losing the competition, so he comforted her, “Its alright, Qingqing.

As long as youre unwilling, no one can force you.

Second Brother is here!”

Su Lu nodded in agreement.

“Did he say when hes coming over We have to think of a way out.”

Su Qing looked at her troubled brothers and smiled gently.

“Dont worry, he just told me that I should forget it if Im unwilling.”

“Is he really that agreeable” Su Rui asked doubtfully.

Su Qing had asked herself this question before.

She didnt know what that man was up to.

Thinking of Huo Qis hearty smile, a strange feeling crept up in her heart.

Smart hunters rarely pestered others.

They would set up perfect traps and wait for their prey to be driven by curiosity before voluntarily walking into the trap.

When they returned home, Kong Yue was in the midst of preparing lunch.

Su Zheng was out, and Su Yan was locked up in her room.

Since Su Qing didnt have to look at the people who annoyed her, she happily ate two more bowls of rice.

After pouring a glass of water for Su Qing, Su Lu asked, “Has Qingqings school been decided”

Kong Yue smiled.

“Ive already asked Floyd University.

There are a few other good universities too.

Qingqing, which school are you keen to attend”

Su Qing looked up at Kong Yue and said, “Floyd University”

This was the top school in the country, and it was also extremely famous overseas.

It was the school that countless youths dreamed of.

“Isnt Su Qian there too What has he been busy with recently I havent seen him at home for a long time,” Su Lu added.

Kong Yue smiled and said to Su Qing, “Its precisely because your fifth brother is also in this school that I hope you can go there.

The two of you will be able to look out for each other.

What do you think”

Su Qing had always wanted to go to this university.

She didnt expect her and Kong Yue to have such telepathy.

She had even made all the arrangements for her.

Su Qing nodded.


I like this university.” She looked at Kong Yues smiling face and smiled slowly.

“Thank you, Mommy.”

Kong Yue looked at her injured face and said with a pained look, “What are you thanking me for These were all yours to begin with.”

As the adopted daughter of the Su family, Su Yan had also enrolled into this school, so there was no reason why her biological daughter couldnt do the same.

Hence, when Su Zheng objected to her suggestion, she argued and eventually managed to convince him.

In the end, Su Zheng just snorted coldly, “Id like to see how a person who has been out of school for a few years can keep up with the school curriculum.”



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