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Huo Qi commanded, “Lets go back first.”

The subordinates suddenly lowered their heads respectfully and replied, “Yes, Young Master!” Everyone slowly heaved a sigh of relief, now that their young master had given up.

What he didnt know was that the wheel of fate between Su Qing and him had already started to spin! For some people, their first meeting was already a foretelling that their fates would be entangled for the rest of their lives.


After settling the matters revolving around Grandma Zhaos grave, Su Qing received another call from her second master.


“Qingqing! Ive already booked a flight to the capital o for you.

Dont you dare to dilly dally and miss the flight again!”

Su Qing looked up at the sky and said slowly, “Alright, my naggy master.”

Yuan Er laughed dotingly and said, “I was just afraid that you would be too upset!” Yuan Er treated Su Qing as though she was his own daughter, hence he nagged at and annoyed her because she was worried that Su Qing might be triggered at the sight of her past.

This child might appear aloof, but once she set her mind on someone, it would be for the rest of her life!

There was a faint smile on Su Qings face, but it was obvious that she was happy.

“Im fine.” They chatted for a while more before Su Qing hung up.

Looking into the distance, Su Qing was wondering how her visit to the Su family would pan out.

It was the first time she was meeting her biological parents and the five brothers that her master mentioned!

In the Su familys house in the capital.

Kong Yue had already walked back and forth dozens of times in front of Su Zheng.

The latter tried to calm her down, and he said gently, “Can you sit down and rest for a while Didnt I already send someone to pick her up Youre making me dizzy!”

The helper who stood at the side smiled and said, “Madam is just too nervous! After all, this is the first time that the Young Miss is coming here, and its been so many years! Its only right that shes so anxious.”


Kong Yue turned around to look at her husband, tears already flashing in her eyes.

“You stinky old man! We should have gone to pick Qinger up personally! Its all your fault! Why did you say that you were worried that she would feel uncomfortable”

She sat on the sofa and clenched her fists.

“Will Qinger think that we dont value her enough Will she be sad”


Su Zheng sighed.

Before she could say anything, she heard Butler Sus voice at the entrance of their house.

“Master! Madam! Young Miss is back!”

Kong Yue suddenly jolted from the sofa and bolted out of the door.

She immediately saw Su Qing, who was following behind Butler Su.

Su Qing was wearing a casual white tracksuit.

She was svelte, and her shoulder length hair fell freely around her face.

Her face was like a piece of art that had been carefully carved by the heavens, exquisite and beautiful.

However, it was clear that she didnt specially dress up for this visit.

She looked indifferently at Kong Yue, then at Su Zheng, and appeared distant.

Kong Yue slowed down and reached out, wanting to hold Su Qings hands, but the latter avoided her.

Looking at Kong Yues face, which was extremely similar to hers, Su Qing was already certain that this was hermother.

The elder woman ignored her evasive actions, then opened her arms and embraced her slowly.

“My precious daughter, where have you been all these years Id tried so hard to find you! You must have suffered, my child!”

Su Qing froze for a moment, but she repressed the instinctive rejection that her body felt.

This was because the warmth she felt from being in this womans arms made her feel very different.

Kong Yue hugged her for a long time before slowly letting go.

She turned to look at Su Zheng and introduced him to Su Qing, “This is Daddy.

Qingqing, come over here!” She held Su Qings hand and sat her down.

Su Zheng looked at her.

“I need to do a paternity test before I can truly believe that youre my daughter.”

Kong Yue looked at him in shock.

“Why do you need a paternity test! Cant you already tell Shes our youngest child! Are you crazy”

Su Qing and Kong Yue were like peas in a pod.

Clearly, they were biologically related.

Su Zheng knew that Kong Yue missed her daughter very much, and as a father, he was also suppressing his excitement.

However, he had to be careful about such matters.

“Plastic surgery is so advanced nowadays.

Who knows if she has done anything to her face”


Su Qing put her hand out and nodded indifferently.

“Sure,” she said.

Kong Yue looked at her worriedly.

She was certain that Su Qing was her daughter.

How could she be mistaken


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