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Su Lu turned to look at Su Ruis shocked expression and asked, “What do you mean”

The charm of racing was that in the pursuit of extreme speed, one could freely display their individuality and charm.

Therefore, everyones style on the track was unique.

Those who often mingled on the track could tell at a glance whose style it belonged to.

When Su Qing drove out, Su Rui could already feel that Su Qing was the red Phantom who had won against him that night.

Su Rui chuckled, “No wonder shes so confident.

It turns out that shes really capable.”

There were too many surprising things about Su Qing.

Su Lu still had a blank expression on his face.

Su Rui smiled and recounted what happened that day to him.

Su Lu was also surprised, “Su Qing has the ability to defeat you”

Su Rui nodded.

“This sister of ours is really a treasure! Im really liking her more and more.”

He thought for a moment and continued, “So, when she went back late that day, it wasnt because she went out to play, but because she came to compete with me.

Then, why was Su Yan so certain about what she said”


Su Rui looked at Su Lu and concluded, “Su Yan must be deliberately framing Qingqing.”


The truth was finally out.

Su Lu looked at Su Rui and said, “Su Yan is quite scheming.

I could already tell at the exhibition that day.

But why is she targeting Qingqing”


While the two of them were still pondering this question, Huo Qi and Su Qing were already engaged in an intense battle on the tracks.

Huo Qi didnt expect Su Qing to be so skilled, so he was a little stunned.

He smiled as he watched Su Qings silver car from the rearview mirror.

Su Qing held the steering wheel, and her eyes slowly lit up.

Huo Qi was surprisingly good.

She wanted to end the battle quickly, but she didnt expect the race to be so close.

Su Lu looked at the two cars and frowned slightly.

“I didnt know that Hou Qi is that good.”

Su Ruis attention returned to the track.

Looking at Huo Qis smooth drift, he was a little surprised.

“Hes really something.

He can actually drift so easily in such a difficult bend.”

From time to time, there would be cries of surprise.

The audience were all stunned by the two racing cars on the track.

This speed was already Su Qings limit, but she still felt that it was hard for her to catch up to Huo Qi.

This man was just pretending to be weak.

Su Qing gritted her teeth.

Huo Qis driving skills had already surpassed Su Ruis.

Huo Qi was excited.

The extreme speed stimulated his nerves.

The two of them chased each other, and the finish line was already in sight.

Su Lu frowned, and Su Rui exclaimed, “Qingqing lost to Huo Qi!”

“Second Brother, did you go easy on Qingqing during your race with her”

Su Rui looked at him angrily.

“I didnt even know that it was Qingqing back then.

Why would I let her win”

Su Lu narrowed his eyes, “That means that you lost to Qingqing, and Qingqing lost to Huo Qi As someone who topped the countrys racing leagues for a few years, how could this happen”

“Shut up! Lets hurry down and take a look first.”

Su Qing stopped the car behind Huo Qi.

After a long time, she finally accepted the fact that she had lost to him.

Opening the car door, Su Qing took off her helmet and brushed her fingers through her hair, looking extremely suave.

Huo Qi looked at her with a smile.

“Very impressive.

I didnt expect you to have such good driving skills.”

Su Qing glanced at him without saying anything.

Huo Qi didnt realize how indulgent he looked towards Su Qing now.

“I mean it.

You did very well on the bends just now.

If we raced a few more rounds, it would be hard to tell who would win.”

Su Qing had to admit that he was indeed very skilled.

She had been a little impatient and underestimated her opponent today, but she had always been a good sport.

She said, “Youre indeed stronger than me.

Youve won.”


Huo Qi realized that he really liked this womans temperament.

“Oh I didnt expect you to expect you to admit it so easily.”


“I always keep my words,” Su Qing said.

“But let me make this clear first.

Im only 18 years old.

Getting married is illegal.”

Many things flashed across Su Qings mind, but in the end, she could only find this lame excuse.


Huo Qi smiled.

It was only now that he belatedly showed his gentlemanly ways.

“Dont be so nervous.

Im not that domineering.

I was just joking around with you.

If its really so difficult for you, then forget it.”

Su Qing eyed him suspiciously.

“Would you be so kind”


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